A Day out in Pushkar!!

Khaama Ghani! Today we are talking about a beautiful city in the district Ajmer, Pushkar. In Rajasthan, we can find a lot of historic aesthetic places and Pushkar is one of them. Pushkar means Blue lotus flower. The place is a pilgrimage site for Sikhs and Hindus. A city with lots of temples and some beautiful places to discover, Pushkar. It is also famous for its annual fair, Pushkar Fair. The fair is for the 5-day festival and the busiest days for the villagers. Also, in Pushkar, the Holi festival is celebrated and it is very famous because Bhaang (which is the best weed in India)is served. and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and many parties was organize during the Holi festival; people from all around the world came to Pushkar for this!

Ajmer is 27 km away from Pushkar which is also a tourist spot. One of the most famous Dargah, Dargah Sharif is also in Ajmer. Many Film star-like A.R. Rahaman, Katrina Kaif, visited the Dargah. Just play Kun-Faya-Kun there and lost in the amazing vibe. So, if you’re visiting Pushkar on the route you can also go to the Dargah and can enjoy some amazing vibes. 

Things you can do in Pushkar

Well, there are tons of things you can do in Pushkar in one day. And if you’re going for 2-3 days, you can really enjoy the vibe of the place. There are so many historic places and so many Mandirs you can check out in Pushkar. Here are some places that you must check out!! So, let’s begin with some famous places that you must visit if you’re in Pushkar:

Pushkar Lake

Around Pushkar Lake, you can see 500 Hindu temples and it is believed that the lake can cure diseases (we don’t say this but people who live there believe so). There are 117 Ghats and if you visit the place in winter you will just ignore everything and you will just drown in the vibe of the place. Also, visit the lake during the evening because evening aarti takes place and it is something to experience and you can also enjoy the sunset view. Also, there is one and only Lord Brahma temple which is on the Ghat. So, do visit the Brahma Temple. There is a big market around the Lake where you can find affordable stuff and some amazing cafe with a great view of the Lake. So, Puskar gye aur Pushkar Lake nhi gye toh kya khak Pushar gye.

Savitri Mata Temple

Visit the temple in the early morning and enjoy the sunrise view. The temple is located on top of Ratnagiri Hill. It is a hilltop temple and you can enjoy the scenic views via cablecar or trekking ascents. The place is very peaceful and the views are mesmerizing. You can reach the place either by cablecar or by staircase. Many guides recommend it by Cablecar cause well-view matters! The temple is very well maintained and while going down you can enjoy some local food and some Chai. You can see the city from this place and the rose garden which is something I believe nobody wants to leave.

Adventure Camp

There are tons of adventure camps in Pushkar. Here you can enjoy paintball, Camel/Horse riding, zip-lining, and many other activities. These activities are full of fun and if you’re going with your friends or family you can have some amazing memories that you will always remember. In the desert side, there are many groups that give camel rides and Jeep safari but it is not worth the money. So, you better go to any adventure camp and can enjoy these two and also other activities for everyone. 

In Pushkar, you can find some amazing and affordable resorts. Right now because of Covid-19 many resorts have some terms and conditions. So, before checking in any resort contact them and ask them if they have everything that you need. 


Again, Pushkar gye aur Jamun nhi khya toh kya khak Pushkar gye. Just wanted to say this. So, bring a big box of Jamun from Pushkar. If you start eating there you will not realize when you have finished the whole box. There is some big farm/garden of Jamun which is worth visiting. All of those private properties, so do ask the owner and visit those gardens/farms also. The garden and farms are very therapeutic and make your trip worth remembering. 

Other places that you should visit in Pushkar if you’re staying:

  • Rangji Temple
  • Varaha Temple
  • Gayatri Mata Temple
  • Foy Sagar
  • Gurudwara Sahib

Pushkar is a small city and a weekend over there is enough and please visit the place in winters or during Holi. Please visit Pushkar during Pushkar Fair, it would be one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of your life. Not kidding. You will just love the vibe of the place. On the route, you can visit the Kishangarh Dumping Yard. The palace is filled with different aesthetics and you will literally feel the Rajasthan tourism tagline here, Jaane kya dekh jaaye! If you’re a history person you will definitely love the place or the whole Rajasthan. So, Padhro Mahre Desh.


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