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Asexuality is an umbrella term for those who experience no or little sexual attraction towards a person. Love is not always about having sex, it’s more than that. And Asexual has no interest in sex, they just want friendship, empathy, and understanding. Is it too much to ask?? Well, we’re now in the 21st century and most people need to understand that not everything revolves around sex or physical intimacy.

Asexual folks are also known as Ace and Aces. They desire an emotional relationship with another person but do not have an interest in physical relations. Asexual folks literally bother no one and just ask for a genuine decent friendship and understanding. They just don’t want to have Gandi baat and rather have an intimate friendship with someone. There are so many myths regarding Asexuality and nobody talks about it. So, we decided to talk about it. 

Myths about Asexual Folks and Asexuality:

Well, this concept is very new to many people. So, let’s talk about some myth about Asexual people:-

They cannot fall in love.

• Asexual folks can fall in love and unki dil ki Ghantiya baj skti but not for sex. They are not bad at maintaining relationships or abstinence because of religious reasons. They just want this. Nobody forced them. They can be better than most couples in maintaining the relationship. 

They have dysfunctional body

• They can be comfy with cuddles and can experience arousal. Their body is not dysfunctional and isn’t in a state of sexual repression. They choose this. Or even sometimes they can be Sheldon Cooper, just hate being around Humans. 

Asexuality gender- specific

• Well, the most important is they can be of any gender, background, or age. This never matters and should not. Also, they can have a loved one and children. They just don’t want to have sex. 

Not being “in the mood” is not Asexuality

• There are times when people think that they are sexually active but sometimes don’t feel like going dirty and have sex and that is asexuality. A BIG NO. This is not asexuality, it’s just feelings or mood.

They cannot be fun and loving.

• It’s also not that they don’t want to have fun or they do not find the right one in life, they just don’t want to indulge with someone. Pop culture has changed our views on love and we usually think that without sex there is no fun being in a relationship. Well, this is not right.

Source:- The Trevor Project

Other terms in the Asexuality spectrum

Demisexual:- Demisexual are the people to experience sexual attraction when the form of a close strong emotional connection with somebody. Like you know when you go to your favorite restaurant you can try some new dish because you trust that restaurant.

Grey sexuality:- They are identified between sexual or Asexual but view that sexual attraction is not very important. 

Queer Platonic:- Those people who experience non-romantic relationship but have an intense emotional connection which is beyond the traditional norms of friendship. They can Bond with someone very deeply and can have an intense emotional connection but not like a romantic relationship.

They can be attracted to different sex of gender but not in a sexual way. It’s like Do dil mil rhe hai but no sexual attraction.

What do we need to do?

The very first thing that we all need to do is to learn more about Ace folks. Understand and keep learning what they are going through and what they really want?

They don’t need any priests or prejudice or any doctor. If they don’t want to have any physical relationship or sex with anyone it’s their choice and nobody should point out that they need to see a doctor. IT’S THEIR CHOICE.

Remember when in Bojack Horseman Todd told Bojack that he is asexual and Bojack replied that that’s great. Many people need to be more like Bojack and accept asexuality. 

Sex is not chai and not everyone wants it. And that’s okayyyy. Life is so much more than just sex. Many people need to understand this. So, keep educating yourself. Tell us what you think about Aces.

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