Wedding Diaries – The Surprising Shocks By Famous Personalities

Bollywood and Sports fields are widely known for their charm and thrill. No wonder there’s quite a strong connection established between the two. An award show or a birthday party has the highest level’s grandeur in either of these fields….

World Environment Day: Celebration, Conservation, and People

The digital era, 21st century is a period where a major focus is upon technology and advancement. There are continuous efforts to bring better innovations and meet demands. Eventually, it impacts the lifestyle of the community towards the betterment. Every…

FRIENDS REUNION – The One Where they get Together, After 17 years

An article to celebrate the airing of the FRIENDS Reunion. It also mentions of the Indian adaptation of the show by the name “Hello Friends”

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Families Bonding Together: A Silver Lining Amidst the Grey of Covid Pandemic

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6 Tips To Have a Healthy Skin This Summer

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5 All-Time Illogical Tweets of ‘Ex Twitter User’ Kangana Ranaut

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Top 5 Most Awaited Bollywood Web Series That Are Set To Release In 2021

The year 2021 saw exponential growth in the number of OTT platforms and their popularity. It has been the second year on trot as people have been opting for work from home. This credit the severity of the Pandemic. On…

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Creativity: The Emotion That Runs In Mind

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