B for Bisexual

Bisexuality means to have a sexual romantic feeling towards both the gender. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to bisexual folks. Many people are 100% lesbian or gay, others are completely heterosexual and find intimate relationships with another sex. But what are Bisexuals? Bisexuals find their comfort sexually and emotionally with different genders at different points of their life. They are commonly Bi. 

Myths about Bisexual folks and bisexuality

  • Many people think that bisexuality is just a phase. And it’s a big no. Many people think this is because bisexual people only come out as gay, lesbian or heterosexual. Sexual orientation can be fluid and it can change a different point. Just like you don’t settle at once when you are looking for someone. Same for bi-sexual Folks.
  • People also think that bisexual people cannot make up their minds. It’s totally normal if they want a male or female or any other gender it’s on them it’s their choice. Unki zindagi, unki marzi.
  • These myths do not end on sexuality but also it is based on the gender stereotype that most women are bisexual. This is wrong and men and women or any other gender can have sexual attraction towards anyone they want. IT’S THEIR CHOICE. Matlab kuch bhi bolna na. The gender stereotype most people do that women are more sexually fluid, tender, or emotional and men aren’t. They believe that women are bisexual and men are not. Guess who is wrong, guys?
  • The ridiculous myth is that all bisexual people sleep around lots of partners and have lots of sex and fun. There are plenty of bisexual people who are in monogamous loving relationships and many bisexuals marry. Just like many straight people who have multiple relationships that go on different days, Bi-sexual people also deserve to find out what is best for them. 
  • Bisexual cheat more. Totally against this statement, just because they can have a romantic relationship with any gender that doesn’t mean they cheat or they are confusing. Somebody’s sexuality does not define their faithfulness.
  • If anyone who is bisexual dates someone of a different gender that does not mean that they are not straight. If a woman who is sexual is in a relationship with a man that does not change her. She is still bi-sexual and because of this myth, there is a whole movement going on, namely, #stillbisexual. It is created to affirm that bisexual folks are what they are regardless of their relationship status. 

Things we need to learn 

First, we need to educate ourselves about the LGBTQ community and bisexual people. We need to understand that it is totally okay if the person defined as being bisexual is changing. No one is obligated to stick with the definition. If they do not feel right with it anymore, it’s okay and acceptable.

Many people hate the term so, they actually prefer to call them sexually fluid, pansexual, or Queer. It’s totally on them. Many people consider the term bisexual very limiting and outdated and do not want to label themselves with that at all. So, it’s ok. Ask them about their pronouns and try to learn about their sexual orientation. 

Just like in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa came out and everyone was so overwhelmed and happy. That’s what we need and not like her parents. 

So, bisexuals are not gay. Not straight. They are Graight. 

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