Bollywood Lesbian Movies That Everyone Should Watch

Aren’t you tired of watching movies in which a boy falls in love with a girl? The majority of Indian films are more of fancy Dance numbers, bright colors, melodrama, and a lot of romance between men and women. So, watch movies which breaks the stereotypes of the society and represent lesbian or bisexual woman falling for each other. There are very few lesbian movies in Bollywood and it’s really hard to find a good movie that represents the LGBTQ community. But umm, we decided to come up with some Bollywood lesbian movies that you watch. And if you have watched them, ask Bollywood to make some more! 


Fire is directed by Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta. It gives us insights of pure love. These Bollywood Lesbian Movies also show the prejudices and misogynistic views of society. The movie was release in 1996 and it is way ahead of its time. In the movie, we can see Shabana Azmi (Radha) and Nandita Das(Sita), two sister laws trapped in an unsatisfying arranged marriage. Stuck in the same household in New Delhi with a paralyzed mother in law and household, they bond with each other during the difficult time. 

The chemistry between Sita and Radha is extraordinary. The movie is underrated and didn’t receive that much recognition that it should. 

Margarita with a straw

Margarita with a straw is featured by Kalki Koechlin and it is a beautiful love story between two young women who are studying in New York and are on a path of self-discovery.  The movie revolves around an Indian teenager who is completing her graduation from the United States and is diagnose with cerebral palsy.  And she falls in love with Pakistani women.

The narration of the story is very well webbed and every character of the movie played an outstanding performance.

The movie can adopt a new perspective to your life about differently-abled people and also about lesbian relationships. This is not a kind of movie which is just for entertainment, it is something beyond that.

 You can watch this touching, brave and tremendous movie on Netflix.


The movie was release in North America and did not get approval from the Censor Board in India and was a ban.  The movie title speaks about the film. The story revolves around two women falling in love with each father and results in torture, disruption, and battles. Hence, Un-freedom. The movie tries to show the struggle of the LGBTQ community and how much society needs to liberate its mind when it comes to the LGBTQ community. 

The Journey 

The story is based on real-life incidents. The movie revolves around two young girls from Kerala falling in love. The story is about a Catholic and Hindu girl who grow up as best friends and share an intimate relationship. In between the beautiful sceneries of Kerala and some contemplative cinema you will see these two young girls falling and romantic relationship.

They have to hide their love because of society but they realize the kind of love which has no name and which is greater than small threats of society. 

Chutney popcorn

The film is directed by Indo-Canadian director Nisha Ganatra. The movie will give you the late 90s charm and a fun, cute story. The director of the film also starred in it as Reena; played the role of Heena artist and an aspiring photographer. Reena simultaneously disregards what her mother thinks and also wants her approval on everything. Her mother wants her to settle down with an Indian boy. Reena’s relationship with her older sister is equally unhappy. Both her mother and sister do not understand her.

She on the other side is in a relationship with a girl in college. If you want to watch some sweet romance and some Indian spice, Chutney popcorn is your movie!

There is not much to see in Bollywood when it comes to movies that represent the LGBTQ community. As the cinema industry and its audience is expanding to new and different content, However, we hope that Bollywood realizes that representing relatable and same-sex love story on screen is something we need. So, Bollywood if you’re listening MAKE SOME MORE SAME-SEX LOVE STORIES. 

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