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C for Couples From LGBTQ Community You should Follow

There are so many couples on Instagram who are influencers and are incredibly cute. The content is so amazing and they are doing whatever they can to normalize the LGBTQ couples in the community. They are also creating some relatable content that if you checkout you won’t stop until you stalk them fully. Indian society is still learning how to accept the LGBTQ community. But social media has become a place where things are pretty normal and they are getting the love they deserve. So, we decided to mention some Instagram LGBTQ couples that you should follow. 

Anjali and Sufi

They are the cutest couple I have discovered in the lockdown and not kidding they are literally goals! I will cry if I stalk them more. Anjali is a wedding planner and Sufi is a photographer. They live in California and set goals for every couple. 

They celebrate festivals together, click some aesthetics. And make us feel single. Really want to make a reel for them on ‘Ek dil hai Ek jaan hai, dono tujh pe Qurbaan Hai’. If there are any, please send them to us. 

Divesh and Atulan

Honey.imm.home is the account that everyone should check out. Their reels are really very creative and funny. They both live in Mumbai and both are dancers. If you will check out their account it’s not just you will feel happy but also will learn some dance.

I fell for them when they did the #Oliviachallenge. They keep making such beautiful content. We all are suckers for happy content. 

Neeta and Maitrayanee 

Their recent photoshoot for a commercial became viral. And if you see the photos you will realize why it went viral? You all will be like “Ek hi dil hai kitni baar jeetoge“. They live in Assam and they have collaborated with artists like Ritviz and influences like Dolly Singh.

Haima and Shruti

They both featured on the Vogue India cover and become the first same-sex couple to cover for Vogue India. Haima was also been a part kaybykatrina. Kay is the brand of Katrina kaif. So, check out Haima’s Instagram. Also, check out their photoshoot for Vogue. Very beautiful and artistic.

Amit and Aditya 

They are celebrating their married life now! Living in the USA and making the LGBTQ community of India proud. They are making some really funny and cute content. You will laugh and within a few seconds will feel single afterward. Check out their Instagram page. 

It’s not easy to put yourself out and if the creators are trying to do so DON’T SPREAD HATE. The community has been oppressed for a very long time and they deserve the platform where they can talk about struggle, love, and their life. So, stalk them and comment by using rainbow emoji on their posts. A little you can do. 

Tell us about more influencer couples that everyone should follow.

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Indian society is still learning how to accept the LGBTQ community. Here are a few LGBTQ couples, who can help us out in knowing it better. 



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