Case Registered Against Munmun Dutta under SC/ST Act

You have seen Munmun Dutta in the television show Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah. She plays the role of Babita Ji. The case has been registered against the TV star because of saying objectionable words for the SC-ST community.

What actually happened?

The TV star Munmun Dutta is also really very famous on social media and her one makeup tutorial video went viral. In the video, she was talking about her makeup and says that she wants to look pretty and not ‘bhangi’.

Because of the statement, the SC/ST community protest begins, and also she has got so much hate because of this. Her statement led to an outrage on social media where many people complain towards the use of the Term.

Bhanwar Sisodiya said that a complaint has been filed against the TV actress under the schedule caste and tribes (prevention of atrocities) act. He said that investigation is going on.

An Apology

After all that outrage, she realized her mistake and posted a written apology on her Instagram account and said that she removed that part. She said that she sincerely apologizes to every single one and has no intention to hurt anybody.

She said that she was misinformed about the meaning of the word and that is why she interrupted it.

Many people were in the mood to accept the apology, many went into saying that there was never any other interpretation and there is no way to cover up whatever she said.

About the Act

The Scheduled Castes and Tribes Act 1989 is to prohibit hate, discrimination and prevents atrocities against the SC/ ST community. The act is popular as the prevention of atrocities act.

The act came into being because of the frequent dreadfulness against the community. The post-independence period had such instances where the assassination or discrimination against a community was just because of their cast.

For example:- Take the case of Emmanuel Sekaran, an educated Dalit leader in Tamilnadu. He met with ill-fate for protesting against the untouchability based on scheduled caste which resulted in the riots in 1957.

Even in 2021 we still have seen so many people objectifying the Dalit people and stereotyping the community. The purpose of this act is still not up to Mark and the Indian society suffered a lot because of this. We need to be more serious about such things because the community has been oppressed for a very long time and still even living in the 21st century they feel the same.

Even Munmun Dutta apologized for saying this but if we forgive this then people will not understand the situation and will always continue to do such things. We need to be more rigid towards the atrocities. We can always unlearn things. Remember stereotyping or scapegoating any community is wrong. Let’s see what will happen to this case. To know more, stay connected.


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