Covid-19 medicine Virafin price Rs 11,995 Per Dose.

Zydus Cadila has fixed the rate of its drug Virafin at Rs 11,995 per dose. As per sources, this medicine can be used as a replacement for oxygen as oxygen cylinders are not available at the time. This drug will reduce the dependence on Oxygen. As per the CNBC TV18 report, the company has started dispatching the drug.

On April 23, the drug controller general of India approved Virafin, a single-use therapy. It can help those whose infection is modertare and could not find oxygen.

The Virafin is technically known as pegylated Interferon-alpha-2b. It is for those patients whose infection is at a moderate stage. So, if the infection, is towards the high stage there is always a need for the oxygen cylinder. We can find these drugs really soon as the permission has been approved, and you can buy them from your nearby drugstore.

Zydus Covid 19 Vaccine - Virafin
source:- the news minute

So by this medicine, the virus will decrease and, the oxygen need will also reduce.

 What the company is saying?

Zydus Cadila has claimed that it did work for 91.15% of patients and helped them in reducing the fever. Patients treated with PegIFN were RT-PCR negative by day 7.

Since the drug is emergency authorization, its availability is limit and will be given to those who are with proper prescriptions. And it is authorize under supervised conditions.

Corona Medicine - Virafin
Source:- Times of India

How to deal with this wave of covid-19?

The trust in the government is now no more, whatever we have to do is to do by ourselves. This pandemic has made us realize that only we can help ourselves. The government cannot even provide us the basic facilities for the treatment so, how can we expect something big from them.

If you are someone who had covid-19, you must be thinking what should I do? If you are home quarantine, the very first thing is not to take so much stress, and another thing if you are feeling bore or lonely during this time, talk to someone or make the internet your entertainment. As social beings, we understand how hard it is to stay at your home for this long, and especially when you are home quarantine, can be really difficult but, time will come and go.

Therefore, remember everything will be ok and you will be a covid warrior.

If you’re in a hospital or in need of any covid resources, contact us and we can help you out by giving some verified leads. This is the least we can do. You can also tag us on our Instagram @yebhitheekhai_ybth

Everyone is fighting their own battle, so stay strong and, everything will turn out fine.

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