Dad Bloggers? Is that even a thing?

Once, I was asked to go home in my school and ask my father, “What about me makes him proud? I was so nervous and intimidated by this task. Then I just decided to go and do it somehow, I sat beside him and asked him the question. Firstly he was stuck and paused for a second or two but after that, his answer brought tears to my eyes and even he started crying. He said, Oh man, Do I really have to answer that one? It’s just that everything that you do makes me proud. You know this is pure love, that our fathers shower on us. 

Here are some awesome Dad bloggers who have thrived through all the barriers in Fatherhood to create a peaceful life for their children. They have shown us a new direction towards parenting and proved that our fathers will always be our first superhero, no matter how many heroes we make.   

1. Durjoy Datta

He is an Indian Author and screenwriter, who embraces the relationship with his daughter – Rayna. He has written some beautiful romantic novels like Of course, I love you! And She broke up, I didn’t! He writes about how cool his relationship with his daughter is. They play together, do all fun activities together like painting their faces and dress up as a team in matching attires. His account teaches about the fun side of fatherhood and you should definitely explore it to experience the beauty of their bond. 

2. Rahul Deshpande

He is a Pune-based dad blogger and an astonishing Indian classical singer. He brings his 5-year old daughter Renuka as the face of his youtube channel about home singing sessions. She knows all the songs of her father by heart and their warm, hugging, and interestingly fun conversations win hearts all over the internet.

3. Bhushan

He is an adorable full-time dad who shares simple tips on parenting in his style of fatherhood. He shares his everyday experiences with his daughter, Tviesha. He shares very small and Aww stuck moments with his Insta fam with beautiful captions like pictures of them taking naps, having meals together, going for a swim or playing with toys, and enjoying every second with her daughter to the fullest. 

4. Tejas

He breaks all the stereotypes on child-related duties as mom duties. And inspires all the dads out there to become perfect dads by tracking playschool activities and engaging with them. He posts cute pictures with his son and gives parenting tips to newbies. He ensures you are not afraid of parenting and enjoy the process. He talks about hot topics and teaches new things to his son to learn and explore through activities.   

Usually, we as kids know nothing about our fathers. These bloggers have shown the era a father creates for us and inspires and craves us to go home and have such a beautiful bond with our fathers too. These bloggers have set an example for future-to-be dads and us to know what all he goes through to raise you so well. Are the Dads, new moms? Supposedly not, they both hold equal positions and values in our life which can not be compared. So, this father’s day, tell him, don’t hold back. Tell him why are you so grateful to have him around? This answer will make his day and will bring joy to his heart.    


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