Chinese Rocket debris Falls In the Indian Ocean.

Chinese rocket made an uncontrollable entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and the rocket disintegrated into the Indian Ocean. BUt, Debris came from the upper stage of a Long March 5B rocket, China’s largest- fall in the West of Maldives. The  Chinese rocket launched on 29th April 2021 from the Chinese Space Station, Tianhe. Above all, It was expected that the satellite will be operational in 2022. 

However, For many days Debris was trending everywhere, and was great speculation that will it fall or disintegrate into the populated area of the earth. It was China’s largest rocket and the mission did not go successful. And now today China Central television reported that the rocket Disintegrated into the Indian Ocean and the major chunk of the rocket has been destroyed the cause of the Re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Criticism for the Chinese Rocket

NASA Criticize China phone not keeping transparent and failing to meet it the standards. Therefore, there could be any possibility that any part of the rocket could fall into the populated area affecting the livelihood. Moreover, Most of the researchers have said that 70% of the Earth is water. The possibility that the rocket will fall into the water was high.

Bill Nelson, the NASA Administrator, said that China should minimize the risks to people. Therefore, the property on earth re-entries of any space object and maximize the transparency regarding any operations. He said that China is being irresponsible and failing to meet the standards regarding space debris.

Source:- QUARTZ

Song Zhongping, an aerospace commentator tells the media that China was looking at the rocket all the time. However, there was no time that they lost the location of the flying trajectory. He told the Global times that Debris from the space x Falcon 9 rocket which fell on a farm in Washington State, did not have the same kind of criticism. He continues by saying that this shows the Western double standards. However, many astrophysicists from all around the world said that this is a reckless behavior of China.

 This incident can be harmful and it raises a lot of questions. About the space technology of China and how they are dealing with such situations. This was the fourth largest ever space debris accident ever, owing to the speed the rocket. At some point, the rocket become uncontrallabe and could harm anybody.

Few more debris incidents

  • On July 11, 1979, Skylab Space Station hit Australia, it was 75 tonnes confirming the largest and biggest re-entry on the Earth.
  •  On May 12, there was rocket debris in a village of N’Guessankro on the Ivory Coast costing the life of many people and disturb the livelihood of the village. 

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