HUMAN Pride Month

E for Entrepreneurial Ventures from LGBTQ Community

It’s not easy to belong to the LGBTQ community when you’re living in India. People are still not ready to accept the community and the community is still struggling with everything. 

So, we decided to tell you some of the LGBTQ entrepreneurs cause they deserve more recognition and love. These entrepreneurs then went through a lot of battles. So, here we are mentioning some of the businesses that are running by Queer folks.

Threads and Shirts (Anisha Chaudhari

Thread and Shirts, founded in 2015 and has the solution for all custom-tailored corporate wear. The company is Mumbai-based and provides an option to the customers to recreate their shirts through customization of any small details. It provides a different variety of shirt style fabric and designs. You can buy any kind of shirt from casual to any particularly detailed shirt on Threads and Shirts.

Check out the website to know more.

Bouclé (Tania George)

The company is Bengaluru-based and was founded in 2018 by Tania George. It creates products like toppers and dresses which are minimal, versatile, and elegant. Also, the company specializes in a niche essential that is quirky, refined. It has a variety of clothes with and if you like minimum but with the different techniques and pure craftsmanship, Bouclé is your place.

Angelo Vegan Cheese (Aditya Angelo Fernandes

Angelo Cheese is a Karnataka-based company that has delicious vegan products. It is trying to reduce the demand for dairy products that are harmful to the planet and its inhabitants. You can find a variety of things from truffle vegan cheese to Vegan Mozzarella. All these products are freshly made and they are delivered in Banglore.

Queer Indiamart (Sidhant Kumar)

Queer Indiamart is a Startup that provides all the merchandise specifically of the LGBTQ community. The company is associated with many craftsmen and artisans from India and they work closely with Queer organizations and NGOs. You can find different types of shirts and beautiful masks. The company is Queer-owned and Queer-managed.

Baraati Squad (Vachan Chibber)

It is a wedding and event planning company. Baraati Squad is a Delhi-based company that started in 2015. They are trying to make all the moments memorable and filled with happiness. It is a family-owned wedding planners hub that is handled by Vachan and his sister. Well, they are helping people in creating memories and serving the best jobs to everyone. So, if you have any events coming up soon, now you know where to go.

Panda Rolling (Sanam Dembla)

Panda Rolling is a Bengaluru-based company that started in 2020 by Sanam Dembla. The company specializes in providing essential oils for smoking and other things we need in our daily life and deliver them to your house. However, their products are eco-friendly and sustainable and they are trying to bring more products using hemp Technology. Also, the company is creating beautiful products with superior Furnishing generous color and which leaves the customer satisfied with their purchase.

Here are some of the entrepreneurs who work day and night in providing you the best products and which are all over India. Help them grow more. If you know any business which is running by Queer people, tell us in the comment section. Also, you can check out couples from the community, and social media is all about them on this pride month,



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