Everything About National Technology Day

What is national Technology day and why are we celebrating this? Well, National Technology day celebration for all our scientific and technological achievements. We are celebrating this on this very day because of the 11th May 1998, anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear tests.

Today we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of our first nuclear test. This was the greatest achievement in the field of science and technology. From this period on we Indians have the power of nuclear objects.

Also on this very day, India tested its first homemade aircraft, Hansa-3. National Aerospace Laboratory designed the first aircraft. The first test took place in Bengaluru Karnataka. The purpose of the aircraft was surveillance and pilot training and many others.

The theme for National technology day 2021

Every year the technological department board chooses a theme to celebrate national Technology day. This year the theme is Science and Technology for a sustainable future. Many politicians and celebrities thanked the scientist for their hard work.

History of National technology day

On May 11 May 1998 India conducted a test in an Army test range, Pokhran for their nuclear missile Shakti 1. After this India entered into the elite club of nuclear power. India becomes the sixth country to be a part of the Nuclear club when Indira Gandhi was in power. Since 1974, India doing some attempts for nuclear testing but every time something happens and the attempts were unsuccessful.

In 1996 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power he conducts a test in Pokhran without telling anybody and getting notice by anyone. Scientists and soldiers done all the attempts in the night. So that nobody can see them as all the past attempts were unsuccessful because the American satellite saw them and dismissed their projects. But this time Vajpayee Ji wants India to be the elite in nuclear power.

All three missions were successful and India became a nuclear Elite. 

Some unknown facts

  • While scientists were doing their mission they all were dressed up in the soldier’s uniforms so that nobody could identify them. Everyone has their code name, APJ Abdul Kalam as major general Prithviraj during the mission. 
  • Every shaft had its name. First one called whiskey
  • second one called Tango,
  • and the third one called kilo. 
  • When everyone decided the date for the test to be conducted the wind was blowing towards the Civilians area and it may cause radiation spreading but in the noon, the wind settled and the test was conducted. 

The aftermath of the first successful nuclear attempt

When we were successful in all our three missions Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave a speech and told everyone that we did three successful missions regarding nuclear power and he said we are proud of all the scientists and now we had control over nuclear powers.

Every newspaper was celebrating the Pokarhn news and India’s historic move. But the CIA wasn’t. They said that this is a failure on their part.

Now today, in 2020, we are celebrating the 22nd National technological day and we are so proud.

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