Everything About the Covid-19 Fundraisers

This second wave of Corona is becoming dangerous day by day. Millions are battling every single day for oxygen bed, cylinder, injections, and medicine. Many people lost their loved ones because of not getting proper facilities and lack of resources. Every single day, people are battling and still losing somebody. Not just people are dying because of Coronavirus, but also from poverty and hunger is becoming a major cause of death right now. But, we watch all of these in horror and, we all want to help this India to deal with this situation. Therefore, here comes Covid-19 Fundraisers to your rescue.

What are Fundraisers?

To lessen the pain of those who are suffering, many communities, NGOs, ordinary citizens, and even some celebrities have found ways to deal with this extreme feeling of hopelessness. Everyone started a fundraiser to help out those who are in need. The fundraiser is a way to raise some money for any specific cause or event. You just select some amount, a date, and a cause for which you are raising money. Fundraising is a great way for helping out by giving a certain amount of money and getting rid away from the feeling of hopelessness.

There are also fundraising events, in which people donate some amount for a certain cause they believe in and stand for it. For example:- There was a fundraising event for teaching girls and those who believe that every girl has a right to read and learn, people donate some money and help the organization grow, and that fundraising can help few girls to go and study.

Which are the Covid-19 fundraisers?

We all know that India is suffering right now and mostly, because of a lack of resources. Even many countries are helping India to cope up with the situation of covid-19. There is no Availability of Oxygen and Hospital beds. Not just that, people are sleeping hungry every single day because they have no job and no source of income to get some food for themselves. So, many foundations and NGOs started Covid-19 Fundraisers, so that people can get the resources they need for covid-19 and fulfill the daily needs.

Many people, organizations, and even celebrities started fundraising for covid-19. But You might be thinking that if there are so many fundraisers, which one is trustworthy, and whom should we donate? Don’t worry about that we got you covered here. 

Hemkunt Foundation

Hemkunt Foundation is a Covid-19 Fundraisers not just helping people during covid. This foundation was working for the welfare of people, and they have around 100+ volunteers and impacted the lives of millions. They were also ruthlessly working during farmer protests and provided some essential goods during the protest. They had also been giving food and other necessary things to those in need. 

During this covid time, the foundation is providing oxygen cylinders to patients for free. Your donation can help a lot, and if you want to check out their website,

Give India

 India is working on many projects. From every girl in school, No child hungry, to provide treatment for all the critical patients of the corona. These are some of the projects that we have mentioned, but there are many others. Every project to work on mentions it on their website, and they had also mention how many supporters they have for that particular project. Give India is also trying to set up a covid care center for all the patients fighting coronavirus and giving free oxygen cylinders.

Check out here:-

Khana Chaiye Foundation

As much as India is fighting coronavirus, we are also battling hunger and poverty. Khana chaiye Foundation is one of the organizations, that are giving vulnerable people free nutritious food and, contributing towards hunger-free India. Around 4,650,000 have been meals served and 20, 000 grocery kits and essential items have been served by the organization.

Link to know more about the foundation,


YLAC stands for young leaders for active citizenship. They believe to design society with better understanding and help young people to broaden their perspective and think critically about leadership potential and acquired skills to create a long-lasting impact. There are different programs in Different cities of India and Nepal. And right now, they are helping India to deal with the catastrophe of covid-19. They are helping hospitals to provide the resources patients need. 

Check out here for more info:-

Feeding India

Feeding India is a non-profit organization which is designed by Zomato, to reduce the Hunger among the underserved and vulnerable communities in India as Covid-19 Fundraisers. In January 2019, the feeding India started and has 123 million meals. They are also helping to give education and skill development skills to the children in underserved communities.

 And to know more about Feeding India, here is the website link:-

Save The Children

 Save The Children is working on many projects like health and nutrition, humanitarian, resilience, poverty and inclusion, education, and child protein. All of these projects are to help the vulnerable class by empowering mam training them and preparing them for the future. Save the children has transformed the lives of over 14 million children since 2008. They are also helping in providing all the covid-19 resources. To know more visit,

Mission Oxygen

Mission oxygen is a community which is providing oxygen concentrators to hospitals, nursing homes, and medical care facilities and it is entirely funded by citizens. They distribute through a transparent and accountable channel.


Mukul Madhav Foundation

The foundation was established in 1999 and works towards Health Care, social welfare, and education field. They are providing medical treatment for all the economically weaker sections of the society and, giving education assistance to those who are underprivileged.

Therefore, to know more about Mukul Madhav Foundation visit,

Akshaya Patra Covid Relief Services

Akshaya Patra is an organization, tries to eliminate hunger by implementing certain projects all around India. The foundation is in partnership with the Government of India and various state governments. Moreover, they had given meals to 1500 children in 5 schools and serving 1.8 million children. The concept of mid-day meals was introduced by Akshaya Patra. It aims to eliminate classroom hunger in government schools. During covid-19, they are helpless working providing food and essentials to those who are in need.


Oxfam India

Oxfam India is working on different projects from positive gender social norms, forest rights to end the discrimination in India. They have helped 12000 girls in receiving a quality education and helped 4000 women farmers. In covid times they had a project which helps in strengthening the public health system of India by becoming Covid-19 Fundraisers.

To know more about Oxfam checkout,

Sewa Bharat

Sewa Bharat is an organization which aims to empower women in the informal economy by highlighting their issue at National level. The Sewa movement has strongly expanded over the past 40 years. They have been working in different states of India.

Link to know more about Sewa Bharat:-

Rahat Covid by Goonj

The organization is providing jobs to those and covid resources to help the healthcare sector maintain the situation. They have provided 8000 plus ration and other essential needs and produced 80,0000 + face masks and 12,00,000 + cloth sanitary pads. 

 So, to donate to Rahat covid by Goonj and to know more about their work,

Feeding From Far

Feeding From Far helps to fight Hunger during the pandemic. The situation is worse than we can imagine, and people are jobless for the entire year. And, nobody wants to die from hunger before the virus hits them. The organization has distributed 17 lakh meals during the lockdown and taken care of 7000 families in the slum of Mumbai.

Link to know more:-

Uday Foundation 

 Uday Foundation is working for the poor and homeless who are struggling to get a hospital bed. Therefore, they are running a campaign in which they are providing oxygen concentrators to the neediest ones. They aim to distribute 500 oxygen concentrators and distribute 10,000 Wellness kits to the homeless in different parts of North India. To know more visit,

 We have listed down all the foundations and NGOs that we trust and work day and night to help out covid patients and not to let our Healthcare system collapse. also, working in feeding people and other empowering projects.

  Therefore, if you can help them out, even a small amount of donation can make a big change in someone’s life. 


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