Everything you want to know about dogecoin.

Back in 2013, software engineers, Billy Markus, and Jackson Palmer started crypto which now cost billions. The alternative Crypto is started with a joke and always had a motive of fun but nothing serious. Even the logo of dogecoin is made up of a famous meme of Shiba Inu dog.

The meme exploded in 2012-13 and dogecoin used it as their logo. Well, now that cost million dollars. Dogecoin is also known as the internet currency. If you are on Reddit you must have seen people giving Each Other some points that are dogecoin. It’s just some random tip you give to someone if you like the content or like what they have posted.

You cannot just like or heart react to someone’s poster comment now you can send them a step through the internet within few seconds and pay dogecoin for their content. For example, you like an artist and you and I want to tip him with something to support his work you just click. And pay them and it will reach within seconds from Miami to Mumbai.

Dogecoin was just for fun and always motivated towards the front side. And never towards a serious but now the market value is worth over $60,000 and the market cap is $1.15 trillion. Dogecoin also helped in various other things like giving some fresh water in Africa and funding Olympic athletes.

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How does it work?

In this, there is no third party in between. Like right now we used to pay to the bank so it will reach to artists Bank. So, the bank is a third party. But now today when cryptocurrency is hyping up now we can directly give the money of the currency to someone we won without transferring it into someone’s bank account. So, no middleman now.

If you haven’t seen this thing you must go to read it and find out how someone can appreciate someone’s work by giving them a Crypto. Now many groceries and service providers also taking Crypto. And one of the most famous CEO, Elon Musk, is also a big fan of dogecoin.

Tesla is also accepting Crypto now and Elon Musk keeps on tweeting about the dogecoin. And because of his tweets the graph of the dogecoin wents up. Elon Musk, Gene Simmons, Snoop dog keeps on Twitter about dogecoin.

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Should you invest?

I am no one to tell you that you should invest in it or not but whenever something like this happens and something becomes such a capital investment and blows up the graphs, there are slight chances that it went down at that very speed. In 2001 when the internet comes up and business people started their business on the internet and then people started investing in it and the Internet blows up but after a few years the thing went down and BOOM, people now in the loss.

If you have some extra money or some extra currency that you really want to pretend something is there you go you can invest it into Crypto. But be safe towards all of this while you are putting your money. Do some research and think the things will help you in long term or not.

We humans do believe in social currencies more than physical currency now. So you all might be very excited to invest in some fun related social thing but do your research and if you think you want to and you can go ahead and do it!

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