FRIENDS Reunion and an Ode to the Underrated Duos

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a show that needs no introduction. Everyone has seen or heard about the show. F.R.I.E.N.D.S has given many memories to so many of us. And for a lot of us, it was our first-ever TV series that we binged. Now with the FRIENDS REUNION coming, let us take a look at these underrated friendships in the show. 

Rachel and Chandler 

Taking a look at Rachel and Chandler’s friendship at the beginning of the show, we see their contrasting personalities always at war with each other. Chandler proves himself to be the smarter one, with a stable job, and Rachel arrives at this new place after uprooting her life and has nothing set for herself. Being so different, Rachel and Chandler appeared a little distant from each other. But as the show went on, we saw both of them going through the highs and lows of life. It is in these difficult times that we see their friendship which is very precious and unique. I am waiting for them to catch up on the FRIENDS reunion.

Rachel quits her job (Season 3 Episode 10)

Rachel, who hates her job as a waitress, decides to quit it because Chandler advises her. Chandler asks her to have some faith and tells her to pursue her dream.

Consoling each other (Season 3, Episode 4)

Rachel was his emotional support when he was going through hard times, when he was going through a bad breakup or when he was missing Joey. 

(Season 4, Episode 10)

When Chandler makes some mistakes and; Rachel’s attempt at having a relationship fails, he apologizes to her, then comforts her, and explains to her that she is a catch and that any guy would be lucky to have her. 

Alright, she dropped the cheesecake. (Season 7, Episode 11)

It is rare to find a friend who would shamelessly eat cheesecake dropped on the floor with you. 

Phoebe and Ross

This friendship between Phoebe and Ross is not a usual one. Phoebe – a person who would say anything nonsensical to stop Ross from talking. Ross – a know-it-all who can never predict what Phoebe will revert with to stop him from talking. Even after all the bickering, both of them have proven to be good friends to each other. 

Look forward to seeing how Phoebe would clap back at Ross on the FRIENDS reunion.

Let’s ride a bicycle. (Season 7, Episode 9) 

Friends Reunion

Phoebe never had a bicycle of her own, and after learning this, Ross being the good friend that he was; buys her a new pink bicycle and also teaches her how to ride it. 

Origin of the name Ben (Season 1, Episode 23)

When they get locked in the closet; and, both Ross and Susan were busy arguing, Phoebe points out how lucky their kid is to have three parents worry after him. Phoebe’s lecture moves the parents and, they decide to name the baby Ben

Science boy got mugged (Season 9, Episode 15)

Friends Reunion

Ironically, one of the most precious moments in the history of Ross and Phoebe’s friendship was the mugging. When they come back to Central Perk, Phoebe talks to Monica and, she tells her that Ross got mugged a long time ago, and Phoebe realizes that it was her who mugged him. Phoebe talks it out with Ross and gives him back his self-written comic – Science Boy. 

Monica and Joey (We’d love to see more of them in the Friends Reunion)

Monica and Joey are the kinds of friends who have been through some questionable incidents. For instance, Joey misinterpreting Monica’s signal and stripping naked when she only invited him to her apartment for a lemonade the first time they met each other.

But that did not make it awkward for them to see each other again. As three years went by, we see, Joey had become a part of the gang.   

The Jam Plan (Season 3, Episode 3)

Such a sweet moment! Monica comes up with the Jam plan to get over Richard. When the Jam plan goes well, she comes up with another plan – The Baby Plan. All the other friends were not supportive of the baby plan but, Joey comforts Monica and tells her that he can picture her being an amazing mother. 

Heavy Secret (Season 5, Episode 9)

Friends Reunion

Where would you find who is willing to become a joke in front of everyone to keep your relationship a secret? Monica and Chandler wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Joey goes out of his way to keep the secret for them. 

Turkey for me (Season 8, Episode 9)

Due to everyone having their reasons, Monica decides not to make Turkey for this season’s thanksgiving. But, she gives in after Joey protests and asks her to make him turkey. 

Making turkey is a crucial task and, eating the whole 19-pound turkey is another difficult task. But these friends go through the pains of doing these tasks for each other. 

These duos are underrated but their friendship is not!



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