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G for Gender Fluidity

Gender can be complex and it’s a broad concept. So, let’s start from the beginning: What is Gender Fluidity? There are people whose identity shifts over time. Gender fluid are those people whose identities fluctuate over some time. Like, someone who belongs to the genderfluid spectrum can say, that one day they feel like a boy and another day they can be female. Durga Gawde is a gender-fluid person and spoke about it openly in many interviews. 

Their gender can change in hours, weeks, or maybe months. When they feel that their gender is changed they change their presentation, like maybe dressing up differently and changing their pronouns. Many gender-fluid people feel this internally and don’t like to express it outwardly. 

Other terms for gender fluidity

Genderqueer: Also known as non-binary and their gender identity is neither male nor female. Non-binary people do not identify the gender exclusively male or female. They identify themselves outside the gender binary spectrum.

Bigender- Those people who identify themselves both as male or female are known as Bigender. 

Gender-neutral- People often confused between gender-neutral and gender fluid. Gender-neutral is to describe people of any gender. It means that we should avoid distinguishing roles according to the sex-gender of anyone. Like only girls can wear skirts. No! Anyone can.

Source:- The Common Sense Network

Getting some facts straight 

There are so many misunderstandings about non-binary people. So let’s clear out some of the most basic facts that society doesn’t understand.

  • People tend to think that non-binary people are just confused about their identity. Excuse me, Karen, no one is confused and there is nothing new in this. We understand that people don’t know much about non-binary and genderqueers but don’t blame them for not following the basic gender binary norms. Society needs to learn more about Non-binary people. 
  • There is the possibility that a transgender person is not non-binary. Well, some transgender people are non-binary while some have a gender identity. They have their gender pronouns by which you can call them. 
  • Intersex and non-binary are not the same. Intersex means that people have anatomy or genes that don’t typically fit in the definition of male or female. People who are intersex identify either as women or men. Non-binary people have bodies that fit in the definition of male or female but their natural identity is other than that. For example in intersex, there can be a variety of situations. A person can be born with reproductive parts that don’t fit the boxes of males and females. But by surgery parents make them fit into the binary ideas. In non-binary people don’t fit in the binary idea. They are more than just male or female.
  • Many people believe that it’s a trend or mental illness. Well, nobody has to justify themselves to anybody but people who think like this start giving them proof or hand them a research paper about gender. And how it is not supposed to always fit in the gender binary section of society. It can be more than that.

How can we support them?

The very first thing that any non-binary person wants is respect. GIVE THEM RESPECT, treat them equally.

 Every member of the LGBTQ+ community has been through a struggle and they deserve that respect. 

Don’t make any assumptions about anyone’s gender or their gender pronoun. This matters a lot and if you did simply ASK them it won’t make you the bad guy. 

Create a safe space. It’s very important for non-binary people to able to live freely e without people telling them that it’s just a phase, maybe. We can advocate ourselves by learning the non-binary-friendly policies and make them feel safe by creating a safe space for them.

And of course, you can talk to non-binary people and learn more from them. This can be the best way to understand what it is like to be Gender fluid. By listening to their stories we can advocate for ourselves.

We can always keep learning and unlearning things. So, Keep learning about gender, sexuality, and presentation. You will not hurt anybody and you will educate yourself as well.

Celebrities who are Gender-fluid

Recently, popular singer Demi Lovato announced that they are non-binary. They/Them is Demi’s Gender pronoun. 

In 2018 Demi admitted they identify themselves as pansexual in a podcast and recently, they posted a video on Instagram telling about gender identity. 

Elliot Page, you may have seen them in Umbrella academy and they identify as Transgender.

Also, Marvel comics realized that there is a lack of representation of the LGBTQ community. So, Loki in his new TV series has been confirmed as gender fluid. A few days back marvel posted a video of the T.V. series of Loki and in that, we can see that there was profile info of Loki. In that in sex, it was written fluid.

So, yeyeye! Cause people are now accepting other genders. Celebrities are coming out without any fear and big companies are trying to normalize gender fluidity. But we still need acceptance from society. That is not easy but at least we can make gender fluid, genderqueer, or the community feel safer and comfortable.


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