Heard of Vanlife? What is it and is it worth?

What is a van life?

Vanlife is a type of lifestyle for living in a vehicle named a van, whether living full or part-time. Van has been created in such a way that provides necessities like solar panels, house batteries, some sort of bed, the form of a toilet, sink and other storage spaces. Thus, we can say that van life is a form of adventure tourism that involves a van created with basic amenities. Some people choose this lifestyle to travel with freedom and ease and live on the road on weekends and holidays, they are part-time van dwellers.

 While some opt to live permanently their life on the road and not returning home, they are full-time vandwellers. A popular saying, “Home is where you park it”. Where the vehicle is parked, that becomes home for that day with the uncertainty about home for the next day.

Facilities in van life:

Vanlife is becoming very trendy these days. Many people are loving to commit their lives and are moving towards living a vanlife.

It offers freedom to explore places, various adventurous destinations with all the facilities needed. Vans are designed and structured in such ways that it covers all the facilities of home. Various facilities covered in van life are-

1. House Batteries

A battery is a kind of device that stores energy and then discharges it. It discharges energy by converting chemical energy into electricity. A home battery or house battery is like a hurdle between the home and the power grid and it optimizes daily energy use to provide backup power. House batteries or electrical systems are one of the major parts of van life for things like lights, power to charge phones, for fridge, for roof fan etc.

2. Solar panels

A solar panel is a kind of device that uses sunlight as an energy source to generate direct current electricity.

Solar panels for a van life is one of the major comforts needed by anyone. It is one of the great ways to charge batteries. After installing solar panels, they provide energy that can be used at any time when the sun is out.

3. A bed platform

Another facility to make van life comfortable and also to make the van a unique one it’s very essential to have a comfortable bed platform. Bed platforms are very common setups in a van that not only provide comfort but also make efficient use of small space. It is one of the most needed facilities that make van life easy as whenever a person needs to sleep or want to rest without parking a van to any location he can make the best use of van bed platforms.

4. Cassette toilets

Also known as chemical toilets are very common in van life. They are easy to use as they do not need any batteries or electricity. These cassette toilets are similar to toilets we are having at our homes and flush or dispose of waste away into a black water tank below. Their mobility, lightweight makes them easy to use and fit easily inside a small van and makes van life easy and comfortable.

 5. Camper Van Water System

Water is one of the greatest necessities for everyone, be it anywhere. Water storage is one of the most important facilities for van life and it is very important to get it right. It is very essential to have a movable water camper in a van so that it can be handled and filled easily.

Reasons to choose van life for trips:

Many things give the reason to choose van life for our trips.

(1) Everything that happens in a van life is just unexpected, be it any location like it can be any beach, garden, a small village or it is a rainforest.The Occurrence of unexpected things makes a van life more beautiful. 

(2) “Freedom” is another big reason to opt for van life, be it part-time or full time. When we can do whatever we want, whenever we want with no deadlines, with our home on wheels, it gives reasons to choose van life.

(3) Choosing a van life enables us to experience many things that we haven’t experienced before, be it adventurous things, many challenges, or cracking many opportunities.

(4) Another reason to make van life a part of our life is that we can focus on ourselves, our goals, and our dreams away from the crowded world.

(5) Last but not the least, one of my favourite reasons to choose van life is to live more but with less. We learn to live with fewer clothes, less makeup, a small bed, sometimes spend hours without charging phones and many more.This enables us to live our lives truly without any burden and pressure.

Must follow tips when you decide to travel by custom vans:

(1) It is better to have a low top van rather than a high top as we don’t spend much time standing up in a van unless we have some standing work.

(2) Must have a van with windows as it will help to feel better with fresh air.

(3) Having a good quality fan is a must for a van especially during summer times.

(4) Having a fridge is another useful tip for a van life especially during summers so that it can have cold water, can store cold drinks and many more things.

(5) Another essential tip for a better van life is having a stovetop, sink facility and other storage spaces.

(6) Bring essential tools and kit of emergency items like first aid box, fire extinguishers etc.

(7) Essential to have a basic kitchen set up in vans so we don’t have to struggle for a healthy meal every day.

(8) To keep things organized, it is essential to have storage bins in vans.


Experiencing nature and its beauty is one of the very precious things that every single person wants to enjoy. Experiencing nature and outdoors through vans in the form of van life is becoming very trendy these days. Having custom vans for trips, journeys whether for a short weekend or for a long time is cost worthy. Make your trips adventurous and memorable through custom vans and enjoy the moments of life in innovative ways.


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