How is Israel helping India in fighting with Covid-19?

Another Cargo plane is all set to land in India. The cargo plane with all the necessary medical equipment that India needs for Covid-19. We believe that few more shipments will also be available in the next few days. Israel has donated all these pieces of equipment to India so that India can cope up with the severe outbreak of Coronavirus. It is a great reality of Israel helping India. Therefore, in the past few months, India has seen the worst regarding its healthcare facilities.

All the types of equipment will reach Delhi on Thursday and, it includes ventilators and oxygen generators. This could be a real help for India as the condition is very severe here. As soon as it will reach to new Delhi it will be transported to all the local hospitals, who are in need. 

What Israel has to say?

Israel’s foreign minister said that we are very helping out India when they are in such great need. They said that as India stood for us while they had a coronavirus outbreak, they are also standing with India and helping them out in every way possible. In the first few weeks of the corona, Israel was suffering just like India is right now. So, India helped Israel at that time by giving all the necessary medical equipment. Israel was very grateful to India and, they are now standing with India by providing whatever they need.

 Not just that situation in India was very critical,  you people from Israel were praying and singing for India. To help India fight there is a big hand of Israel helping India. The video of people praying for India went viral. It was one of the most beautiful videos that you can because of that, we can believe in humanity. In the video, you can see that everyone was praying for India to recover from the devastating situation.

India welcomed the cargo plane greeted by the Indian Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla and Gilad Cohen, the ministry’s Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific. Indian embassy thanked Israel and said that it will strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

source:- the statesman

A treaty between- Israel, India, and UAE.

In the recent event by the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce (IFIICC), India, UAE, Israel signed their maiden trilateral agreement.

This partnership is initiated by IFIICC, as part of which an Israel-based company, Ecoppia. The company is producing robotic solar cleaning technology in India. The company, offering a connected platform that works cost-effectively to maximizes the performance of utility-scale installations all around the world. The company‚Äôs manufacturing base is in India, and its global projects span 2,700 MW. The landmark project for the company is in UAE. 

 Therefore, the International Federation of Indo Israel Chamber of Commerce is known for a sustainable form of development and production. This is a big step for India to move towards a sustainable way of living.

This project also focuses on the sustainable way and the company’s innovation is to produce Innovative and fully autonomous, water-free robots that will harness the maximum productivity and without damaging water bodies. 

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