How Technology is changing the face of education during this pandemic?

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During this pandemic, many things have changed. And most of the things that are most affected by this are the education during this pandemic. Since the coronavirus pandemic has started the education system is turning towards lying more on technology. The education system more learning things online.

If we look back in 2010 this might sound stupid that everything can be learned from YouTube. But today in 2021 this is the only thing students are relying on. Students all learning more and more things online. This could not be possible in 2010. Technology is controlling most of our things these days and education and learning are one of those.

Education with technology changing education during this pandemic

You might think in 2010 but it is extremely stupid to learn things online but in 2020 here we are. School students taking online classes and college graduate students are learning more from YouTube and other websites. Not just that they are learning also there are some websites where you can just sit with people across the world and can do your work. Cause well no one can get out right now because of the covid-19 situation. But we can open some websites and study with other people from all across the world.

These things are not just changing our social skills but also so making us more rely on technology. During this time when we cannot go out and have to stay home. They are finding an alternative to building up our social skills. And that’s perfectly fine and you should be grateful that we have this technology in our hand which is helping us out.

Right now no one can imagine if there would be no internet. Many of us would be sitting at home with boredom. If there would be no Technology, the education system would be doomed at this point. The possibility that there would be no internet and Technology we might be suffering a lot, especially students.

Also, because of this new technology professors and students have learned so much. They have learned how to use the internet and how much they can learn from this thing. At the very starting, nobody knows how to do certain things while taking classes but now everyone is so Pro at it.

Education without technology


This is not the first time that the world is going through some pandemic. There were so many viruses and for a very long time, we have been suffering from all these epidemics and pandemics. So when the first pandemic happened there was no Technology, so, you think that people were not getting enough knowledge or maybe getting bored at home? As we choose the internet to be our Saviour of this time, that time they have their own.

Same with education, right now we have the technology and the internet gather information and it is literally changing everything how we used to learn things. But at that time people have the alternative and they are radio and newspapers. Today even radio and newspaper might seem like a boring thing. But as today we have our alternative the internet they have their own at that time.

If we see today that how much we have progressed in the matter of Technology, that is very fascinating and shocking. But now we are in the 21st century and we are the internet generation, we can find everything on the Internet. As we are learning from the internet we are also getting a source of entertainment from this.

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