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How to stay productive during Pandemic and Lockdown

The number of Covid-19 cases is at the surge in the country and many are still in lockdown. The frontline workers are fighting with the disease, the common man is also struggling with lots of issues. It has been difficult for some of us to maintain a balance between personal and professional work and thus it is somehow hampering mental health. From kids to corporate workers it has been the main issue that how can we stay productive during the lockdown in this Covid19 and also keep our mental health in a good state. Here are a few tips listed below according to the groups that are students, corporate professionals, and freshers or interns on how they can stay productive during Pandemic:

Tips for Students:

  1. Participate in some online courses
Stay productive during Pandemic by learning new courses - Yebhitheekhai

An additional course comes in handy when you appear for any placement or job-related interviews. You can achieve a certificate awarded from a professional sitting at your home apart from your own degree. This will help you to make your resume more strong and more distinguishable from other candidates.

  1. Learn a new Foreign Language
Learning a new language and Staying productive during Pandemic -  Yebhitheekhai

It is a great skill to know any foreign language as it can help you in many ways in the coming future. It will be very helpful if you want to pursue higher studies from abroad. Moreover, it will help you if you join a company in a foreign country in the future.

  1. Utilize time in creating a good resume
learn to make resume during Pandemic -  Yebhitheekhai

For your dream job the first important thing that you need is a strong resume. That makes you different from other aspirants. There are many platforms that guide you online on how you can prepare your resume in the best way possible.

  1. Enhance a skill that is in high demand
Learning high demand skill during pandemic - Yebhitheekhai

Nowadays, along with education, it is very important to have other skills to excel at your workplace and in your life. Learning a new computer language, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, improving your soft skills are a few options that you can work upon. There are many websites like Coursera, Udemy, etc. from where you can learn and enhance your skills.

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Tips for freshers or interns to stay productive during pandemic

Here are some tips for freshers or interns so that they can spend their tought time by upgrading themselves whithout affecting there mental health.

  1. Upgrade your skills during Lockdown:
Upgrade your skills - yebhitheekhai

You have this time to utilize it for improving on some skills which would be useful in your field. Having knowledge about the field along with some extra skills is always beneficial for your growth.

  1. Learn more about the subject/project you are working upon:
Leasning something new - yebhitheekhai

If you are a researcher working on a project or an intern in some company. Then having some extra knowledge about the project can help you to work more efficiently.

Exploring other fields in which a similar kind of work is happening will also help in your project.

  1. Reading books and Staying productive during Pandemic
Reading books and Staying productive during Pandemic- yebhitheekhai

You can read books related to your field or some other novels based on your interest. This can help you to keep yourself busy and also to keep your mental health in a good state.

Or if you are lazy enough to reading books or you are a Potterhead,then you can read some beautiful content

Welcome To The Magical World of Hogwarts, Muggle!

Who Opened the Chamber of Secrets? Was it Harry Potter?

  1. Earn some money working online
earning money and Staying productive during Pandemic - yebhitheekhai

Along with your internship, you can have a side income source while working as a freelancer that works for some websites. You can also start your small business if you are good at baking or cooking. As many people prefer home cooked food during the pandemic.

Tips For Corporate Professionals Stay productive during Pandemic

  1. Keep yourself updated with current affairs- Keeping yourself updated with all the news and current affairs around the world is important. As it increases your knowledge and also you get to know what is happening in the world other than covid. By reading the daily newspaper one can also improve his/her English too and get better at communication skills. Also if you invest in stocks then you get to know where the market stands at whether it had a rise or fall. You can explore the News category for the regular updates on the current topics in details.
  2. Networking- Taking advantage of the lockdown you can help build connections with some famous people and people who can teach you something or be your mentor. This will help you learn new things and new skills and help you grow professionally. You can LinkedIn for the same or send cold emails to the persons you need to connect with rather than scrolling Instagram and wasting your time.
  3. Courses- Learning has no age limit and hence you can use this given time in learning new things. You can invest in learning skills that can help you grow in the future and develop a new skill set. There are many online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Or Edx from where you can learn a new course. And after completing the same you get a certificate of completion which can add to your LinkedIn profile too.

Keeping yourself happy and healthy during this tough time is very important. Apart from all the tips given above you must also take care of your mental health and spend time with your family because it is the best kind of therapy. We hope that this blog would be helpful for you in staying engaged and utilize your potential to the maximum during the pandemic.


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