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I for Indian Celebrities from the LGBTQ community in the acting industry

There are so many celebrities who belong to the LGBTQ community. They’re open to their sexuality and created some of the most amazing movies that you have ever seen. Also, they are not just actors/actresses, they’re activists, speakers, influncers or maybe writers or singers. However, the community is still struggling for acceptance.

 But some of the celebs took a step forward and proudly came out of their closet and give motivation to other folks to do whatever they want to! So, here is the list of some amazing artists all the way from Bollywood:


Onir is a producer, editor, director, and screenwriter. He has also won 16 film awards and for I am he won a national award. I am was his 8th film and it consists of themes like child abuse, single motherhood, same-sex relationship. For this film, he won a National Award in two categories: best film and best lyrics. 

In 2019, he received the diversity award from film Victoria Australia and La Trobe University at the Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne. For his film My Brother…Nikhil, Onir received an award for Best film at 20th Milan International lesbian and gay film festival. TMG Global award for best director/producer. 

In October 2020, he received the Jury special mention for outstanding work on LGBTQ issues at the Indus Valley International film festival. 

One of his documentaries Widows of Vrindavan receives the best documentary award at the Jagran film festival. 

Source:- Times Of India

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Laxmi was brought up in an Orthodox family and completed education in Mumbai. When she was in 5th grade she knew that she is a gay person. Besides, she completed her graduation and joined the hijra community, and became a bar dancer. 

She was in a show called Sach Ka Samna and it was the first time television has seen a transgender person with their parents. Gradually, through this television show, she started the conversation regarding the transgender community and myths about them. This was the first anything like this happen on national television.

In 2005, Laxmi was a part of Between the lines: India’s third gender, an award-winning documentary. You may have seen her in Bigg boss season 5 as a celebrity contestant. Also, she starred in the award-winning movie, Queens! Destiny of dance. The movie is about the transgender community.

Tista Das

Tista Das is an actor, activist, and writer. She was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at a very early stage of life and went to sex reassignment surgery. Because of this, she is respected by many as an idol of empowerment and choice of the transsexual community in India. Undoubtedly, Tista inspired many people and will keep inspiring.

You can see her in a variety of documentary-like:

  •  I could not be your son, mom 
  • Beyond reflection
  •  Maa I exist beyond X and Y

 And short films like:

  • Ebong Fera
  • The third Gender?
  • Rupantar 
  • Story of Another Life

Sushant Divgikar

He is an Indian actor, singer, model, motivational speaker, and drag queen. In 2021, he came out as gender fluid and preferred he, she, or they.

You must have seen him in Bigg boss season 8.  Also, he has won a special award at Mr. Gay world in 2014. Won Mr. Gay world India India in 2014 and he won Mr. People’s choice award. 

Sushant was also in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa as a contestant. As well as that, he hosted Style Panga and Atyachaar Ka Punchnama. Sushant is a certified psychologist and holds a Master’s in Industrial Psychology.

So, here is a list of some celebrities from the LGBTQ community who are giving motivation to other committee members to come out of the closet and do whatever they want to. We are really proud of them and believe that more people will come out and become whatever they desire! And also not be afraid of society because of your gender and sexuality. Above all people are inspired by these celebrities and everyone should be! 

Furthermore, if you know more about any celebrities that should be mentioned or inspired you, comment down below and tell us about them. 



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