International Mother’s Day 2021: A Guide to make it memorable!

Mother’s, it is said that God was unable to be everywhere, so he created one of its best creations that is Our Mother’s. Mothers have really special corners in each and everyone’s heart. They sacrifice and do many things for us to make us comfortable and happy. Is it enough that we devote just one day to celebrate our mother’s efforts? I don’t think so because I think they deserve every single day as Mother’s day, where they can be happy, free from responsibilities, and do anything they want. But that’s okay we have a significant day where we can express all our emotions and feelings to our moms and make their day special. This day is known as International Mother’s Day. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. This year International Mother’s Day is coming on 9th May. 

International Mother’s Day has been celebrated for many centuries and ages. Ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated it as a festival. But there are different reasons for different people to celebrate mother’s day.

The story behind International Mother’s Day:

In the 1900 in the US, before the civil war. A lady called Ann Reeves Jarvis started groups like ‘Mother’s Day Work Clubs’. That helped the local women in taking care of their children. Later, these clubs came together and performed several peacekeeping activities. But the actual mother’s day came into the picture when Ann passed away in 1905. Her daughter Anna Jarvis decided to celebrate mother’s day every year in memory of her mother and every other mother who makes sacrifices for their children. 

Therefore, by 1912, almost the whole world started to celebrate this day as International Mother’s Day. Today we celebrate this day with a lot of fanfare. We try to do little things to make our mother’s happy. Here are few ideas to help your choose from to make the special for the ones who make your everyday special:

1. Try making Breakfast in Bed:

Wake up before mom and try making some delicious breakfast for her. Make anything you know be it bread butter and tea, it does not matter what you make, the only thing matters is the love behind it.

2. Make a love Box:

Take a box and fill it with the notes from you and your family that you want to express to your mother. Write the things that really mean to you or genuine compliments about her. Make her feel special and loved. Tell her to take out a note from that box whenever she feels low or whenever she wants to.

3. Try gifting hand painted customized gifts:

You can take an old Mug or get a new mug and paint it in any designs or patterns in different vibrant colours and textures. Design it in your own way and write anything you want on that mug and then give it to her. You will notice that she will love it and will cherish and preserve it for her entire life. This can be mug, photo frames, etc.

4. Make hand made card:

You can make a hand made card for your mother, you can write your feelings in it, you can have thumb impressions on it or you can use beautiful quotes on mothers to make it more effective and touching. 

Here are some Quote references you can use in your cards: 

  1. All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
  2. Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heart throb.
  3. If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.
  4. My mother was my role model before I even knew what that word was.
  5. All I am I owe to my mother. My mom is definitely my rock.

5. Make a Collage Video or a scrapbook:

Pen down all the moments of joy and love she has experienced with all her family members. Use pictures and drawing to create a collage or e collage to showcase all her memorable trips and events at one place. You can also make a video by using simple editing techniques using applications such as Inshot, Kinemaster, FilmoraGo etc. 

You can use pictures or ask your family members to say a few best things about your mom and also record yourself. Then combine all these bits to complete the video and form a video trail, which your mom would definitely like and will watch it again and again with tears in her eyes.

This International Mother’s Day is not just about gifts and treats but it’s about remembering and honouring the many sacrifices mother’s make for their children. So, just honour the lovely mother’s all around the world and provide them with something to cherish their entire life. Don’t just make it as a holiday, celebrate it as a festival. Therefore, let’s not roam around this Mother’s Day and stay at home to plan a great and exciting experience for moms by pampering her like she does every single day.

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