J for Just no more Joking!!

It’s 2021 and people are still using homophobic terms which is not a joke. These terms can cause serious problems. Terms can hurt somebody and can make them feel so low. People just use them and say they were just kidding but IT’S NOT A JOKE ANYMORE. It’s not okay or cool to be homophobic. 

If anyone uses any homophobic term and said they were just kidding tell them that this kidding of yours can hurt someone and people are fighting over this. So, that people stop using these homophobic slurs and make the LGBTQ community safer, and treat them equally. Here are some homophobic slurs and terms that are not a joke.

Terms/slurs that are not jokes

Sissy/ lesbo: Why are people still using them? These terms are just homophobic and not so cool. 

Faggot: This means gay man. But then why is this offensive? Because if it’s history. So, just don’t use F words. 

 50-50, Meetha: These terms are used to describe the gay, transgender, or bisexual community. Words have meaning so don’t make them look meaningless and sound stupid.  

Beti: Ahhh! These homophobic terms remind me of one of the famous YouTuber, I guess we all know! So, if that person can sound so dumb while using them, imagine how will you sound? 

Normal-abnormal: These terms are used when people compare the LGBTQ community. Like straight people are normal and LGBTQ is abnormal. No, Ramesh uncle, you still think this is abnormal. 

That’s So Gay: Many people use these terms to describe something which is bad or undesirable. Stop replacing negative adjectives with words related to the LGBTQ community.

Why should nobody use these terms?

•These terms reinforce the already problematic idea that queer people and the community is inferior because people use these terms as signs of weakness.

•These terms are queerphobic and have been used to dehumanize the LGBTQ community. 

•Can be very demeaning for anyone to hear such terms and they can start to hate themselves for the thing someone else has said. 

•These terms are very offensive, uncool, bigot, mean and can make anyone a bully. It has a huge impact on mental health.

• People think that they are using these homophobic terms, so, they are extremely cool but they are not. This can impact somebody and can lead to depression, anxiety, and substance misuse.

• These words carry so much pain. Words are meant to communicate and not to hurt someone like this that can have mental trauma.

A step towards a safer society

If people stop using such homophobic words, the community will feel safer. Be an Ally to the community. What is Ally? People who do not belong to the community but support them and stand up for the rights of the community and face injustice with them. 

How can you be an Ally? Maybe, just listening to the community can make you a good Ally and never question them why they feel in a certain way. 

Keep up with all the legal changes which are happening in the country and affecting the community. Speak up against all the prejudices institute typing against the LGBTQ community. If you want to be good Ally,  don’t say that OMG I really wanted to a gay best friend!! and don’t force them to come out to you. This is really not necessary. Let them take their time.

Don’t disclose someone’s sexual identity without their consent. It takes them a lot of time and they trust you so if you do something like this it will break them. If they come out to you, hug them and say that you’re proud of them.

Be an Ally to the community and if you see or listen to someone using such terms…just tell them these are not jokes and they are not looking cool. And hurting someone even if they have no intentions of doing it!

Talk, listen, read, learn, unlearn and stop judging. Educate yourself and others. Be an Ally! Don’t get influence by random YouTubers. This is not cool. Make everyone feel comfortable and safe around you.

“What better way than to prepare the future leaders of our country to believe in LGBT rights. Each time a school or college decides to participate in LGBT activism, we come closer to bridging the gap between reality and truly inclusive society,”

-Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

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