HUMAN Pride Month

L for Love is Love: Through LGBTQ Poetry

We are celebrating Pride Month and decided to write to appreciate other artists’ work and this article is dedicated to LGBTQ poetry. It feels amazing when you see so writers are trying to normalize same-sex love. Society is still not ready to accept it even after section 377 is decriminalized. So, we decided to spread some more love by sharing some of the write-ups, poems, and Gazals of some of the Indian queer artists. 

We are on a motive to create more peace and more love. Maybe, these poems can spread more love and awareness to people about the LGBTQ community or everyone will appreciate the poems and the poet. Maybe, we will all learn something new about the community. or Maybe, someone will get inspire and start writing. Literature is a great part of the LGBTQ community. Many people from the community write to express themselves. How society has treated them? and how their love life is going when they have no one to listen to. So, they express their love by writing.

So, here are some poems, Gazals by Indian queer poets that we believe you will love and appreciate or maybe spread a little awareness. Cheers to the LGBTQ poetry.

Dilruba: A Ghazal -Akhil Katyal

Akhil Katyal stealing our heart since day one.

My Mad Girl’s Love Song – Aditi Angiras

Favourite LGBTQ poetry? Favourite LGBTQ poetry.

The Boy Beyond the Binary – Aditya Tiwari

This piece is something to read!

Trans/Generation by Alok Vaid Menon

Alok Menon nailing it Again!

Confessions of an Asexual Romantic by Sriti Jha

I have learnt a lot about asexuality from this poem. You will too!

Tell us more about Queer artists. Poems that motivate you. A poem that you think changes life. Or maybe an artist that you think inspires you. Comment down and tell us about the art and the artist. 



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