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M for Movies Of LGBTQ Community That Are Essential

There are so many good movies that everyone should watch from the LGBTQ community. These movies are not just same-sex love but also make you aware of the struggle of the community. Indian cinema hasn’t really produced many LGBTQ movies but a few good movies will leave a lasting impression on everyone who watches it. 

These movies are total gems and many of them are available on OTT platforms

. Many movies are banned by the Indian government or are not available on the OTT platforms but some of them are available on youtube. A lot of movies are available nowhere, like Un-freedom, we want the government to answer: are these movies Porn or Maggie? Why you have banned such amazing movies which can really bring some awareness to people? Well, we will not get the answer to these right away. So, till then you watch movies which are available and worth watching! Here are some of the top LGBTQ movies that you should watch: 

My Brother… Nikhil 

The movie was released in 2005 and it shows the homophobic society we are living in. In the movie, you can say Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Suri playing the read roles with Purab Kohli as in supporting role. Sanjay Suri plays a role of a character name Nikhil who is diagnosed with HIV.

 The movie shows how his sister and boyfriend took care of and show all the support to him. But uff the…society wasn’t accepting him. The movie is available on Disney+hotstar and IMDB review is 7.2. Please take a tissue box with you while watching the movie. 

Memories in March 

The movie deals with the idea of opening up and acceptance. Deepti Naval plays the role of a mother who gets to know that her son is gay and she has no clue about it in the past. She gets to know about his sexuality when she was collecting his body. After some time she becomes a friend with her son’s lover and finally accepts the terms of his sexuality and death. Memories in March is so great because it will tell you a story of two tormented souls and those who have lost someone close and try to work out the differences.

The movie is a beautiful blend of life, death, tragedy, and acceptance. Memories of March is directed by Sanjoy Nag and it is available on Amazon Prime.


The story is based on real-life incidents of professor Ramchandra Siras of Aligarh University. His privacy was invaded and Ramchandra was thrown out of the university because he was gay. A journalist takes off his story and fights for justice. Ramchandra Siras was played by Manoj Bajpai and the journalist was played by Rajkumar Rao. They both played the character very well and explore different dimensions and ask questions like how it is to be a gay person in India?

Aligarh is a thought-provoking movie and a total masterpiece of Indian cinema. Aligarh is the kind of movie which deserves more attention from the audience not Student of the year. The movie has a 7.8 IMDB review and you can buy it on YouTube. 

I Am

I am in an anthology and series of four short films. All 4 stories tell a different story and narrate different issues with different caste. In the fourth part, the story revolves around a guy Omar called who is from Bangalore. Omad meets Jain in a bar and quickly forms a friendship and starts trusting him but soon we get to know that Omar is planning to rob Jai.

I am is directed by Onir and it is a mind-blowing movie which you can find on Disney+ Hotstar. IMDB review for the movie is 6.8 and with amazing music and a great cast, you will definitely love the movie.


The movie was released in 1996 and you cannot accept transgender movies at that time. So, believe me, it was a daring move by the director and producers. The movie shows the relationship between a transvestite dancer and a gang rape survivor. Daayra broke the traditional mold and shows the connection beyond a man and woman relationship. 

Daayra has everything in it, a little bit of humor little bit of masala, and some beautiful songs. The movie is critically acclaimed and has 7.2 IMDB stars. You can watch the movie on YouTube. The movie has a brilliant script and an amazing cast. Daayra is a delightful movie e to watch and understand the gender stereotypes of society. 

Other movies that you can watch:

Here are some amazing Bollywood movies that represent the LGBTQ culture and show the struggle of the community. Well, there are not many movies. So we ask Bollywood to make some more movies and tell society that this is not something abnormal or something you can judge because you don’t like it. Bollywood if you are listening we are signing the petition! TO MAKE MORE LGBTQ MOVIES WITH QUEER PEOPLE IN IT!



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