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N for Namaste! Here are some Queer Musicians You should listen

Hi, Namaste to everyone. Today we thought of celebrating music and musicians, not just basic Bollywood music. We will celebrate queer artists and their music. We all known art has always been a great part of everyone. It always has someone’s impact on us, even on people who create it and on those who people consume it. Art is something that describes most people and no one does not consume art every day. 

Today we are talking about Musicians and we believe music is always a part of everyone. The music describes people. We all do listen to random Bollywood shit. So why not listen to such music which can empower someone and can make you feel good rather than shitty! So, here are some queer artists that you should listen to. To support indie artists, to support LGBTQ. Here are some Queer Musicians that should follow and listen:

Pragya Pallavi 

Pragya Pallavi is the country’s first openly lesbian singer. Love at first right is a new and cool collaboration between the singer and Peter Wallenberg. The Music celebrates the decriminalization of homosexuality in the country. All songs have catchy tunes and celebrate same-sex love. Pragya’s music breaks out the gender binaries and celebrates love and life. In 2019, on Spotify Pragya’s music was listened to in 77 countries and by more than 90k people.

She has sing songs like Queer it up, Izzat De, Girl you rule, Mama I need you, and Corona Namaste. She has more than 60k subscribers on youtube and her music can lift you up from your boring, lazy day. Pragya said that during the recording process they were subsequently raided by police. You will find some good vibes and a lot of dancing in the wholesome video. Pragya said that the message from her single is that, we are who we are, we are free to be who we are.

Teenasai Balaamu

They are indie music artists from Bangalore. Teenasai is a songwriter, engineer, and producer. You can check out their music on Instagram and YouTube and Spotify and on other streaming platforms. Teenasai is trying to create a safe space for the community away from discrimination and judgment. Their motive is to create more love and peace.

In 2020, on SpotifyTeenasi’s music was listened to by 26.1 k people from around 70 countries and for more than 2k hours. In an interview, they said that most of their music came from life experiences. So, go check out Teenasai and follow them and maybe spam? 


Prakti journey begins in high school and she performed so many open mics and this encouraged her to be a great musician. She is a Delhi-based musician and inspired by musicians like Julian Lage, Sara Bareilles. Prakti said her writing style is inspired by the inner world. She keeps on experimenting with different genres and emotions. 

In an interview with Shethepeople, she said that she sees queer art becoming more popular in the coming years. She said that people have become more open-minded and curious about the LGBTQ experience. Why don’t you speak is her debut album and you stream it on any streaming platform.  All her albums and singles are available on all streaming platform, so check it out!

Alisha Batth

Alisha is a Mumbai-based artist. She dabbles around rock and indie music. Her recent single Song that you keep Humming is out and you can listen to it on any streaming platform. Her song Blue river speaks about letting go. People, lovers, forces of nature inspire her to write. Alisha is also inspired by artists like Ani Difranco, PJ Harvey these artists inspire her to write. Alisha has an amazing voice and we can guarantee you will drool over her music.

Alisha’s Instagram is very aesthetic and you can listen to her amazing voice there also. So, go spam, Alisha!


Jay is an indie artist, guitarist, and educator. He is a Delhi-based artist and performed extensively in California and India. He released his album Faces of Love in 2017 and after that every year, Jay released a single, and everyone started loving his music. Jay’s music talks about human vulnerabilities and relationships. You can hear his music on every streaming platform. And can have some chill and nice vibes. You can hear their music on India India Playlist also. If we list out some of our favorites from Jay:

  • Tattoo your name
  • Lose myself in you
  • Perfectly imperfect
  • Wish you goodnight

Here are some queer musicians and their music we recommend you to listen to. You can listen to India’s first Queer anthem, Love is Love feat Sushant Divgikar. Every artist has struggled a lot and even if you just appreciate their art and their creation they will love it and would be grateful! Let’s try to create a space where everyone feels safe, loved, and appreciated. Also, tell us about any artist that is underrated and everyone should see their work.



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