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R for Rad Characters for Web Series That All Should Know

Web series, tv-series influence the majority of people. We adopt what we see. That is why representation plays an important role here. That’s why a strong representation for the LGBTQ community is necessary. Many people can form their views by watching any series and adopt the culture because of the show. So, to make people understand and aware of queerness, they need to watch shows which have real and actual representation of the community.

Especially in Bollywood or in Indian TV, Web series, we have seen that the LGBTQ community was often mocked up and made fun of just because some writers think that making fun of queer people is real comedy. No, it is not, and making fun of anybody is not comedy, it’s just offensive. So, here are some characters from some web series that we think are actual and great. And not just representing the community is a great way but also inspiring others:

Captain Ray Holt and Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 

These two are the main characters of the show and we love both the characters equally. Captain Ray Holt played the role of a gay cop and also tell about his struggle because of his sexuality. And how much he has been through just to be in the place where he is. He is happy with his partner Kevin. He has been through a lot because of the societal norms but always came out victorious. 

Rosa is a badass bisexual person. Her coming out is story is so real and beautifully portrayed. Even after knowing everything, just remember life is a roller coaster. Her family didn’t accept her but her chosen family did! And that scene where she confronted everyone was so great and emotional. 

Eric Effiong and Lily Iglehart (Sex Education) 

You can have multiple reasons to fall in love with this character. Not just Eric was bold and sassy but also he was caring and proud. He expresses himself as he is and never tries to change himself according to societal norms. Despite Eric’s dad was a little afraid for him because he might get hurt for being daring to be different. But he is authentic, upbeat, loving, and a sweetheart. 

Lily Iglehart is a cute and loving character. She portrayed a role of a lesbian. If you haven’t watched the show you should watch it to know more about gender, sexuality, and sex. It’s a fun way to learn and get aware of the different issues. 

Karan Mehra (Made in Heaven) 

Maybe, this is the only show in the Indian web series that shows women empowerment, LGBTQ struggle, homophobia, and prejudice towards both women and queer people all this all together. The show is available on Amazon prime and the IMDB rating for the show is 8.3. Arjun Mathur played the role of Karan Mehra who is gay and Indian society doesn’t accept him the way he was. The struggle was real and true. The issue was carefully put down and deserves a lot of appreciation. 

Todd Chavez (Bojack Horseman)

The show is great, the characters are amazing, and the representation, uuff! Todd was unsure about his sexuality at first but when he gets to know he is asexual everyone embraces him and he accepted himself. Also, he created an app for asexual and met another asexual person there. People kinda criticize this love story but we have a show which talks about asexuality, isn’t that great! If you don’t love this character, we don’t love you. The way the show portrays every character is so original and good to see. We need more shows like this.

Todd will teach a lot about what asexual people want and what they don’t. So, if you don’t know much about asexuality, go ahead and watch the show to understand a little and you can read more here.

David Rose (Schitt’s Creek)

If we say anything about this character, we would be doing justice. You should go and watch the show Schitt’s Creek and tell us what is the best thing about David and Patrick (David’s boyfriend). The character is not liked by many people because he is blunt, bold, and sarcastic. But the audience loves David because of his style, skills, and obviously sarcasm. David is not eww for us. Everything about his love story is goals and something everyone admires and wants. So, David and Patrick supremacy here? Yes. very much.

Other shows which have rad characters are:

  • Sense 8
  • Modern Love
  • Big Mouth
  • Queer Eye
  • The Boys
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Modern Family

All these characters play an important role in representing the community. If there is any rad character you like the most, tell us in the comment section and we all will ship them and fangirl/boy over them. 



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