REWIND: A Peek Into The 6 months of 2021

30th January 2020 – The day when the first cases of the dreaded COVID-19 were detected in India. It was by late March that the whole nation was bound by the strict regulations of the complete lockdown. It has been over a year and many things have undergone drastic changes in the meantime. 

Today is the 1st of July: 6 months into 2021, and I don’t believe it. 

GiwdiodjahuFdlahdolSUaruisFquelaZgdawRgeSti – Uugghhhhh!!! What’s this Junk, right!!!

As frustrating as you found this activity to be, and as quickly you left trying to spell it, believe me, this summarises the first half of 2021 for most of us. On opening my calendar today to check for any marked events, the date read 1 July and Week 27 of the year 2021. 

BOOM! – The realization struck me like a solid brick thrown at my head. Week 27, that’s the half of 54, which means half a year has zoomed past already!

I mean It feels like I’ve been for what like two days, consciously able to keep up with all the chaos happening. 

And those emotions of ‘Do Pal Khushi ke’ feel like ages since I last experienced it! But anyhow, we did pass these 6 months following the dialogue “Yeh Bhi Theek Hai”, didn’t we? 

One thing that I learned during the stagnant phases of lockdown was that there are infinitesimally small changes occurring all the time. 

As we look behind us, things might seem hazy and unbelievable, like some video games we played in childhood, but there were some good memories too. 

There was a range of emotions we experienced; from sadness to amusement up to shocks and miraculous surprises (RCB Fans Cheering) in these last 6 months. 

Respecting the Future and Staying in the Present, let us go on a rewind journey of the last 6 months. We will induce some funny, sarcastic humor into some news headlines so that we remember that this too was a phase that we all passed through.  P.S – Not Meant to Offend.

REWIND: Zoom IN, Zoom OUT 

After nearly 10 months into the Pandemic, the emotion that almost every individual locked in their homes was feeling in January 2021 was, 

Mein Nahi bachega idhar, Mar Jayega – Nawazuddin Siddiqui Sacred Games Season 1 

NEWS 1: Elon Musk acquires the Top Spot to become World’s Richest Person for a short time to tumble down again to number 2

Deva re Deva, 

Kabhi Mangal par ghar banane ki baat karta hai yeh,

toh kabhi Number 1 spot par ghumke wapas laut aata hai, 

Pucho toh kehta hai “Yeh Elon-Rao ka style hai” 

Yeh toh apne aap ko Baburao samajhne laga hai re Baba.  

NEWS 2: Twitter accounts of Donald Trump and Kangana Ranaut suspended Permanently

Aakhir kaar, Baburao ki dua Bhagwan ne naa sahi Twitter ne jarur sun li. Konsi Dua? 

Arre wahi apni, “Utha le re baba utha le.. Mereko nahin, inn dono ko utha lee..” 

Meanwhile, Trump after losing elections and getting banned on Twitter – 

Desh bhi apna nahi raha, aur Log bhi Paraye ho gaye hai. 

Further, Kangana prepares to get banned from IG after an illogical comment on Yami Gautam’s post. 

NEWS 3: Sonu Sood receives immense love as he responds to literally every distress call addressed to him

Baaghi ka toh nahi pata par, Sonu Sood has played the character of One Man Army perfectly during this Pandemic. 

Meanwhile Nawazzudin reacts: Shaitan ki duniya mein Bhagwan ka aadmi

NEWS 4: Whatsapp lands in muddy waters over privacy policy, as Telegram, Signal take advantage

Zukku bhaii being Guruji from Sacred games: Apni saari samasya Jaankari mujhe dedo

Meanwhile, competitors Telegram, Signal react in Nawazuddin style – 

Pichli Baar Kya bola tha? Aukaat.

NEWS 5: India creates history after pulling off an improbable win at Gabba

Dekho bhaiiya Tim Paine ji, 

Ab agar aag se kheloge tum, toh kabhi naa kabhi haath jalna toh obvious si baat hai na!!

Do you babysit

Yeh puche the naa tum uss din Pant bhaiiya se,

Ab woh thehre Mahi Bhaiiya ke SuperFan, Jawab muh se pehle apne balle (Bat) se dete hai.. 

So de diya jawab. 

Le gaye aapke haath mein se Border-Gavaskar Trophy. 

Ab aap kya kijiyega ki, Pant bhaiiya se zara Tips le lijiyega, 

How to babysit Border-Gavaskar Trophy? 

Kya pata aage kabhi kaam aa jaaye aapko, Theek baa? 

NEWS 6: Myntra to change its Logo after a Womens’ Rights Activist files complaint against it being offensive

Oh yea, I forgot, it’s India.  

Here it’s okay for justice not to be served, 

But it isn’t okay to have a logo that people rarely look at, leave alone looking at it from a 180-degree different perspective to find fault with it. 

Mature Up, 

Galti Logo ki nahi Logon (people’s mindset) ki soch ki hai. 

NEWS 7: Brands rock the  year 2021 on social media: Durex tops the list, while Zomato and Swiggy lighten up the moods 

Durex after looking at their progress, chilled out like Ganesh Gaitonde: Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apunich Bhagwan hai 

NEWS 8: Memes on Shweta, Yashraj Mukhate’s Pawri Song, Indiranagar ka Gunda strike at large 

Ab dekho ek simple sa funda hai,

Humor ko kabhi ignore nahi karne ka, 

Apne Munna Bhaii MBBS ko follow karne ka re baba, 

Bole toh, 

Aye Mamu, Jaadu ki Jhappi de daal aur baat khatam

NEWS 9: The temporarily suspended IPL 2021 to resume in UAE from September 

RCB Fans: Ee Sala Cup Namde 

Haa bhaiii, ab itne ajoobe hote dekh liye hai iss saal, ki ab toh RCB winning IPL 2021 bhi believable lagta hai. 

RCB Fans playing the song, 

Kehte raho, Kehte raho, jeevan ka har sapna ab saccha lagta hai…

Meanwhile CSK and MI fans: Hum kya karein, Job chhhod dein? 

News 10: FRIENDS Reunion episode aired, Web shows like Family man season 2 and Womens’ day create a Social buzz

Ab dekho bhaiiya, jaha tak web series ka sawaal hai, jo sahi content dega wohi chalega. 

Ab Guddu bhaiiya ko hi dekh lo, wapas laut aaye naa.


Kyun ki unki punchlines mein Dum tha. 

Aur jaha tak sawaal Womens’ Day ka hai, jisko Feminism ka matlab pata hai woh samaj jaayenge ki kyun it created a social buzz. 

Jo nahi samjhe, unke liye yeh rhi uski definition hai, Equality with Justice for both genders without any bias. 

Jo Feminism ki baat ko samajkar bhi inkaar karte hai unke liye jawab, 

Agar News vaghera padhte honge toh jaante honge, Indian womens’ Cricket Team turns tables to end an almost Lost Test match into a Draw result. 

Kyunki hamari choriyaan kisi se kam hai ke?  


After reading this, you might have felt a little roller coaster of emotions surge within you. If you did, maybe, 2021 hasn’t been so frustrating after all. 

That may be, by breaking this word, 


Into 5-6 smaller words, although senseless, could be a fun game to try and spell. 

We know, the Pandemic has taken more lives than anything, and things have been messy. That’s no doubt affected all of us at personal levels, but we do believe in good times ahead! 

Although things haven’t been so candidly noticeable, or on good terms in the First Half, as we expected, the Second Half can always turn out to be Better! 

Remember, even if things seem stagnant, they aren’t. Even when everything seems paused/stuck, Time is always passing, hands of the clock are always moving. 

And even a day of no work involves a lot of invisible work. So don’t feel guilty. Rather, repeat after me, Yeh Bhi Theek Hai!

So, when you’ll be ready to hit the Resume button for the Second Half, things will be different from when things seemed on Pause mode. 


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