Rise Up fiery souls! Leo season is here

With the summer ending and the monsoon gradually nearing, we have approached the fifth zodiac phase – LEO SEASON. The Leo season which, commences from July 23 and concludes on August 22, is finally here. A lion symbolizes this fifth zodiac sign. Lion in Leo manifests the bold, courageous and, poised persona of people born in this phase.

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo signifies that it is in its authoritative place. Such a placement would explain the courage, leadership, and fiery energy that Leo borns have. Sun in the fifth zodiac sign also mirrors the audacious and fearless appearance of Leo borns. Having a fiery ardor motivates these people to become persistent towards achieving their goals. As the Sun produces its bright light, it also intensifies the bright personality of these people.

Moon in Leo

People having Moon in Leo are very proud of themselves. These Leos are not born to follow; they are born with the tendency to lead others. Individuals having Moon in the fifth zodiac sign are warm-hearted and caring; they quickly empathize with folks who are in an unfortunate situation. Lunar Leos love being the center of attention. Their surroundings are so genuine and optimistic that others are in luck because every moment spent with Lunar Leos is full of laughter.

Leo in Individuals 

Playing with fire is not always good. The fire inside a Leo may appear like a burning candle on a good day, or it might give the impression of scorching heat. 

Leos are:

Loyal – Individuals born in the Leo season are very faithful and trustworthy. Leos are entirely devoted to their relationships.

Natural Leaders – Leos take charge and lead themselves to victory. Instead of following others, Leos gravitate towards leading others to glory.  

Purposeful – The Leo leaders know where they are going. They know their mission and, they are determined to go through all the possible risks to get to the finish line. 

Entertaining – Leos are the focus of social interactions. Leos love to be a part of the conversation and, they make sure that they keep everyone in the circle entertained. 

Arrogant – Individuals with the fifth zodiac sign may resemble arrogant people because of their pride and bold behavior. 

Too Proud –  Leos are so sure that they are right even though, in reality, they are not. They do not accept that they are wrong in certain situations because they are too proud to admit it. 

Competitive – Leos are determined to win; hence they are competitive to triumph and reach their goal.

Who do Leos share their passionate personalities with 

Sonu Sood

Birthday – July 30

Sonu Sood is an Indian actor, humanitarian, and philanthropist. With the actor helping so many migrant workers suffering in the Corona crisis, providing these workers with employment opportunities, the Leo in him surely shined!

Melinda Gates

Birthday – August 15

Melinda French Gates is an American philanthropist and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After her marriage falling out and getting divorced from her husband, the businesswoman donated $40 million (approx.) to various gender equality projects. She has also written a book – The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World, which shows how much the Leo in her wants to encourage other women to step up and be the change.

Jacinda Ardern 

Birthday – July 26

Jacinda K. L. Ardern is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her leadership style is unique, with lots of empathy and a dash of humor; she charms everyone. The Leos can be too proud of this woman, and no one would question them.

Matt LeBlanc

Birthday – July 25

Matt LeBlanc needs no introduction! He is a comedian and actor. He is the first and probably the last celebrity who had a hand twin for his character, Joey Tribbiani, in FRIENDS. Matt LeBlanc, just like his character, is a very loyal and trustworthy friend. And we know the Leo in him would have strong opinions about this.

Leos have a bit of everything in them, and of course Ye Bhi Theek Hai!


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