HUMAN Pride Month

S for Salute to These Special LGBTQ Activists

The last week of Pride month and how we cannot Salute each member of the LGBTQ community to bring the change. Society still accepting the community and it was so hard for the members to even live where they are criminals. But they did it and we are proud of them and salute everyone and especially the LGBTQ activists for everything they did for the betterment of society. 

We know this journey isn’t easy for anyone. And there is still so much to cover. The members of the community are doing everything they can and making everyone understand that they are not different from anyone and love is love. So, we thought to name some of the activists who played a major role in bringing the new change and address homophobia openly:

Prince Manvendra Singh

Prince Manvendra belongs to a royal family but a conservative one. His family disowned him after his coming out but this does not stop him from working for the LGBTQ community and following what he believes in.

He is a social activist and co-founder of Lakshya trust. Lakshya trust works with the transgender community and homosexual mem to promote safe sex practices. He dedicated his life to his community and is actively involved in raising awareness about homophobia, implications of AIDS, Homosexuality. Even after so many hindrances, nothing stopped him. He continues working for the community. Manvendra Singh has been on Oprah’s show thrice and in 2014 started a campaign called Free gay India and working for LGBTQ rights.

Gauri Sawant

Gauri Swant was born as Ganesh but never felt comfortable in her skin and about the assigned gender. She started her trust called Sakshi Char Chowghi. In this trust, they work for the rights of the LGBTQ community and make more people aware of HIV/AIDS. 

LGBTQ Activists- Ye Bhi Theek Hai

She is the first transgender person to file a petition in the Supreme court. She filed the petition for adoption rights for transgender people. You all must have seen her in the Vicks advertisement in which she is breaking the gender stereotypes and telling about parenting and adopting a girl. Gauri stood up for her identity and that’s why she became an inspiration for many people.

Sonal Giani 

Sonal gave voice to lesbian, bisexual women who were left behind in the fight for gay rights. She becomes an icon and an inspiration for many people because she is a great activist, who raised her voice towards sensitive issues and continuously worked for LGBTQ rights. Sonal co-founded India’s largest initiative for the community, Yarriyan and Umang is a lesbian transgender initiative that started in Mumbai. 

You must have seen her in the show Connected Hum Tum. In the show, she talks about how it feels to be a bisexual woman in India. She shared her real-life struggle and experience in the show. 

Ashok Row Kavi

Talking of LGBTQ Activists, he is India’s oldest gay activist who worked for many newspapers and is a prominent journalist. In an interview with a magazine, he came out as gay and become a great idol for everyone. He is a founder of a trust called Humsafar Trust, which works for queer awareness. His trust has done a lot of work that even a civil organization cannot do. He also founded India’s first gay magazine, Bombay Dost in 1990. And aware a lot of people about the community and tell their struggles and experiences. 

Ashok Row Kavi has several social initiatives. He also made people aware of HIV/AIDS in Maharashtra and Goa. 

Keshav Suri

He is an executive director of the hotel Lalit and an activist working for gay rights. His Keshav Suri Foundation is working for the community made him a role model for many. He married his boyfriend in Paris last year. He has some firm policies which are LGBTQ-friendly. 

LGBTQ Activists- Ye Bhi Theek Hai

He also owns a nightclub Kitty Su in New Delhi where hundreds of singers and drag queens perform. His nightclub drew the attention of many guests. He hires transgender people and sex workers to send a message that no law can prohibit people from accepting others’ sexuality. He said, “If you don’t like it there are other nightclubs.”

Here are some members, LGBTQ activists who inspire many and will keep inspiring the coming generation by their work and their stories. If you know any other person or activists who we should have mentioned, tell us in the comment section. Also, tell us who inspires you the most. Until that keep reading!



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