Street Food: We Are Missing A lot

Talking about street food or just seeing pictures makes us hungry and brings water to our mouths. We are eager to go out and have every street food out there as soon as the lockdown opens. Many say we can cook them at home temporarily in order to overcome our cravings but does that help? Let me ask you? Because with me NO, it does not. I still want to stand in cue and eat panipuri or enjoy my chaat. And that’s the guilty pleasure many of us look for. 

Street food is very popular and provides a variety with lots of delicious flavours. Almost every single person loves to eat street food as it offers lots of delicious varieties at a reasonable cost. Street food is just ready to eat food sold by vendors in a street or in another public place like a market, outside malls, gardens, fairs etc.

Along with offering delicious and flavourful taste, it also provides convenience as it is easy to purchase and eat, and also offers reasonable cost. But, as we all know an era of covid 19 is running for almost the last one and a half year that has led to the destruction of many things.

From rich to poor, the lives of everyone have been badly affected. We are missing outside places, outside food which has been like taken away by this covid 19. Street food like Pani puri, Aalu Tikki, momos, vada pav, and many more are badly missing by people at this time. These are not only delicious and reasonable but also convenient for small vendors as a business and for other people as ready-to-eat food. Many varieties of street food are being sold by vendors like Pani puri, momos, vada pav, Bhelpuri, Sev puri, poha, chole bhature etc.

Few street food dishes : 

1) Pani Puri

Place of origin: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal.

Pani puri is the most common and most liked street food. Pani puri is also famous for other names at different places like paani patashi, golgappa, puchka, pani ke batashe. Most loved street foods served with boiled potatoes and black chickpea with flavoured paani. Even pani puri stalls are very common in wedding functions in India, fairs etc.

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2) Vada Pav

 Place of origin: Aamchi Mumbai

Vada pav is also known by alternative names like vada pao, vada pav, pav vada, batata vada pav, etc. It is another famous street as well as fast food dish loved by people, especially in Maharashtra. Vada pav is serve with a bread bun or pav having potato batata vada inside with green chutney and green chilies. 

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3) Dabeli

Place of origin: Gujarat

Another mouth-watering street-side dish, dabeli famous in the state of Gujarat is also known as Kutchi dabeli, double roti. It is a sweet snack made of burger buns, boiled potatoes and flavourful dabeli masala and served with tamarind and garlic chutneys. Served as hot and is now popular as street food in other states also.

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4) Momos

Place of origin: Nepal and is also the king of street food in Delhi.

Another famous street food which most people love to eat in the evening time is momos. It is a type of steamed dumpling dish having some sort of filling inside it. Momos can be served as steamed as well as fried too with a dip of tomato chutney. There are varieties of momos that vary based on filling like paneer, chicken, chocolate, vegetables, meat, etc.

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5) Kachori

Place of origin: Rajasthan

Another spicy street food is kachori which is a deep-fried snack served with green and tamarind chutneys along with curd. Kachori is also known by names like kachauri, kachodi, katchuri. Kachori has different variations based on the filling of moong dal, urad dal etc. It’s a very famous street food as well as morning breakfast especially for the people of Rajasthan. It is one of the most loved snacks for people, especially in the rainy season.

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6) Poha

 Place of origin: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

One of the most popular street food breakfasts especially in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is Poha. Along with taste, it is a healthy breakfast too as it is full of essential vitamins and minerals. Poha is made in different ways like vegetable poha, Kanda poha, sweet poha etc. and is served with namkeen bhujia. 

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7) Aloo Tikki

 Place of origin: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh

Aloo Tikki..waw another most liked and popular street food which is a mouth-watering dish even just when its name comes to mind. Also known by other names like aloo ki tikkia, aloo ki tikki. A most popular and running street food item made up of boiled potatoes and served with chole and chutneys. 

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8) Bhelpuri

 Place of origin: Mumbai

 Another very light and nutritious street food snack is bhel puri. Also known by names like bhel, bhela, churmuri, belfuri etc. Bhel is a very famous snack near beach areas in Mumbai, easy to make within just a few minutes and the cost is also very reasonable. It is nutritious as well because veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, green chillies, onions, groundnuts and many more things are added to make a perfect delicious bhel. 

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9) Pav Bhaji

 Place of origin: Maharashtra

Pav bhaji, another mouth-watering dish that is street food as well as served as fast food in many hotels and restaurants too. It’s again a nutritious dish as bhaji is made up of a lot of green veggies served with soft bread rolls. Pav bhaji is also bhaji pav. However, Mumbai’s pav bhaji taste is extremely phenomenal. 

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We all know, food is very essential for our lives. Food is not only a necessity but happiness for everyone. There is a wide range of food varieties all over the world. Every single person loves to eat outside food, be it street food or in restaurants or hotels. But, in the current scenario of covid 19, it’s not safe for us to have outside food.

Yes, we all are badly missing outside delicious, flavourful food, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these foods. Therefore, we can have these food items cooked safely at home and can cope with the covid situation too. Be safe and enjoy delicious meals at home with a wide range of recipes.

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