Sunday book review:- Sapiens a brief history of humankind

Sapiens is a Latin word that means the one who knows and, homo sapiens means humans. Yuval Noah Harari wrote the book, who is a historian, writer, and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The book was written in Hebrew and in 2014, translated into English.

Many people ask, is reading Sapiens worth it? We are consuming such content that is not even relevant to our daily lifestyle, so why not read something which is relevant. This book gives us knowledge about homo Sapien’s lifestyle from the beginning. The book is 400 pages and, it is full of fascinating ideas and a lot of knowledge. Personally, I recommend it. 

About the book

The book has 4.6 stars. The education system does not teach us much about the history of Sapiens. In a few starting chapters you will get to know so much about humans that you haven’t read in your whole life. Many of us do not care about how we became dominant the world was just for ages some years back.

I believe it is one of the most fascinating things to read about ourselves. And how much since forager’s time we love sweets. To know more about this context, please read the book.

The linkage between factual history and modern behavior is amazing. Why we behave in certain ways because of our history is something you will learn in Sapiens. One thing which in the book, it states that every person in this world is that it’s male or female gossip for around 30 to 40 minutes every single day of their life. Gossiping is not bad because it will help in human interaction and forming a bond with the person. 

Quote from the book

The first part of the book will tell you about the history of humankind and, how evolution happened. The second part is about how religion became such a great part of life. which I think was quite boring. The third part of the book explores the future of humankind, which is artificial intelligence. The last section will be more about the scientific Revolution. And how so many things have changed but, nothing has changed regarding humans.

The book will give you a lot of insights into our past and our future. Yuval Noah Harari did a great job in writing the book and also in, building up the scenes and story with visual language illustrating what a regular day looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago.


If you want to read more about humankind and how evolution happened and, what we are becoming, this book will give you insightful thoughts regarding Sapiens. If you are not a history kind of person, this book might bore you. But if you want to read more about the human brain and artificial intelligence, this is your book. If you want, to be enlightened by human history, logical thinking, and some insightful research, I recommend you Sapiens. It is not a life-changing book but you will learn a lot and, also, it will tell you that how limited knowledge we have on certain topics. Even Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Chris Evan is a fan of this book. Once you complete this book, you have two more parts to read, Homo Deus and 21 lessons for the 21st century.

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