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Tips on Surviving A Road Trip in India

India is a vast and enthralling country. Every corner in this country has beauty written all over it. And the best way to tour these heavenly places, go on a road trip in India. 

Why Road Trip?

Road trips in India - Yebhitheekhai

Road trip in India is not convenient, but it is the best way to voyage in India. One of the reasons is that you can go through many destinations in between before reaching a final spot. Driving your car or riding your motorcycle and going through nature; heals your soul, gives you time to reflect on your life and where you are, and what you want to be in the future. A road trip means that you are in charge; if you stop every 10 minutes only to click pictures of flowers, do that, be you!

How to avoid feeling dizzy during road trips

Tired girl during Travelling - Yebhitheekhai

If you go on road trips often, then you must be familiar with the feeling of queasiness that comes with it. The dizziness, nausea, wanting to throw up, and headache/migraine that you feel during these trips happen because of motion sickness. But you don’t have to go through all this sickness; keep in mind a few tricks that might help you stay calm and make your road trip fun. Chewing gum, looking out the window, skipping big meals, breathing in the fresh air are some of the things that will help keep motion sickness at bay and thereby ensuring you a fun ride. 

Safe road travel for girls

A safe girl road trip in India - Yebhitheekhai

Going solo or going with your girlfriends, you have to check certain things that would make your trip go smoother, ensuring you have a safe trip and have the time of your life with your friends. When having a road trip in India, research beforehand about the places you want to travel to, keep your family updated about your whereabouts. Check Indian Women Travel Bloggers pages to gain some more info before stepping out on the road. 

Solo road travel in India

Solo road trips can be scary, but it is the most exciting, freeing, and liberating experience you can gain in life. You can go on solo road trips in India to explore and gain new experiences. In the end, you might feel that these solo trips have brought you closer to yourself. 

Tips for a road trip

Solo girl road trip in India - Yebhitheekhai

When planning a road trip, there are many things to check and recheck to confirm that you will have everything with you when you need it. But that is not all, because going on a road trip you have to guarantee some fun stuff. 

  • Check your vehicle – check the condition of your car/van, that it has petrol and the tires have air in them. 
  • Playlist – for all you music lovers out there, you know that a good playlist would double the excitement of your road trip. Pick your genre – Pop, indie, rock, K-pop, soulful, jazz, classical. And tune in to forget all your worries. 
  • Books – all you need is a window seat, gentle breeze on your face, and a book in your hand, and you are in for a calming experience.
  • Money – for having a road trip in India, it is beneficial that you carry cash with you. Cash would be helpful for payment at chai ki thadis, souvenir shops, flower shops. 
  • Movies/TV Series – traveling for long hours gets boring so keep some movies and tv series downloaded on your phones. 
  • Games – it is necessary to keep yourself entertained, do pack some board games, cards, or toys for your kids. Here is a list of games you can play down the road.
  • Take rest – going on a long journey can be very exhausting, plan your rests and visit local towns and villages. 

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac.

Wear a mask, say bye-bye to Corona, and go to the road calling you. 


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