TVF Aspirants- Why Is It Trending?

Well, the very first thing I want to say that if you still haven’t watched the TVF latest web series Aspirants. You must watch it. If you are a student or especially one who is doing UPSC, you will relate to this so much. Well, it kinda gives you the motivation to study for the exam but it gives some practical lessons that nothing is easy and you cannot achieve anything, just by dreaming about it.

The show is directed by Apoorv Singh Karki, written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, and created by Arunabh Kumar, and Shreyansh Pandey. The first episode was released on the 7th of April 2021 and, ever since that web series is trending everywhere. But why?


Ever since the series has been released, students and especially those who are giving some competitive exams are finding the series so relatable. TVF always tries to create something which the middle class and students find relatable. For example, the Kota factory is also one of the most amazing series, and it is also based on student life. 

TVF always try to create something which the audience can relate to, and can also find some motivation through it. In aspirants, episode 5 which says positive approach Rakh yaar is one of the most relatable episodes. Is someone who is giving UPSC can feel it. You always need that positive approach while giving any competition exam cause every single time there would be someone who will demotivate you, or you feel like there is nothing left. But that one thing that matters positivity. 

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Pointing education system

 Web series like Kota factory and aspirants tell us the flaws of the education system. The education system always tries to teach us all the knowledge that the government told them. No one is ever ready to teach us more about practical life. And how to deal with the situation that will help us out in adult life.

The education system is teaching us what they are told, and nobody is there to teach us about love, family, relationship, and death and how we can deal with these life situations.

Everything on TVF is free

Well, this is the best part that everything that TVF releases is all for free.  You can watch every web series that TVF releases for free on YouTube. If you still want to know why you should watch the web series, you are a very greedy person.   

Every episode in the aspirant has its deep meaning. The last episode was released this Saturday and, the speech by Sandeep bhaiya to Abhilash will make you cry. Also, sorry for the spoiler. So, go ahead and watch all the five episodes of Aspirants. And tell us which scene inspired you the most and in which scene you cried the most.

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