HUMAN Pride Month

U for Un-equality?? What??

From the very starting, the LGBTQ community is facing un-equality and discrimination. And still, there is not much acceptance of the community. They still face a lot of discrimination and Un-equality every day. When it comes to a job, spending time with their loved one or just wanting to do simple things like just roaming around. They have to face random stares just because of what they are or what they believe in. 

It is not easy and if anyone would be at that place we would feel so low. When people don’t accept you as you’re, it’s simply not easy and it really affects your mental health.

Today, we decided to name some NGOs who are fighting against un-equality, homophobia and spreading awareness about different issues. These NGOs are working for the betterment of society and equal treatment for all. 

Sappho for Equality 

What is Sappho? Nearly 2500 years ago there was a Greek poet named Sappho who lived on Lesbos Island.  She was the first woman to express her love for another woman. Which destroyed her. 

In 2013, Sappho for Equality was established. It is a Kolkata-based organization that works for social justice and fights for the trans community and marginalized women.

They help in bringing equal status for the community in society. The organization runs health services, self-help workshops, counseling, organizes film festivals and parades, and discusses such issues that deserve attention and should be address and everyone should talk about them.

You can visit the website here.

The Humsafar Trust

It is a Mumbai-based organization that was founded by Ashok Row Kavi. Humsafar Trust is helping the LGBTQ community by providing counseling, medical services, and security. They are also working in reducing discrimination, Un- equality and violence against the community. 

Humsafar Trust also runs some workshops for politicians, media among others to normalize and the issues which the queer community faces on daily basis. Also, they support other organizations and groups like Yarriyan, Sanjeevani, and Umang. They all work for the LGBTQ community. Too know more, check out here.


It is a queer feminist resource group established in 2014. Nazariya is a Delhi-based group that works for bisexual, lesbian women, and trans folks. Also, They work for the LGBTQ community and want to make their lives more visible by accessing or giving them resources and providing enough opportunity.

Nazariya creates non-discriminatory and equal opportunity for everyone. They look at gender beyond the binary notion. They also conduct research and training. You can get to know more about Nazariya here. 

Harmless Hugs

Harmless Hugs was founded in 2012 and today has more than 7k members from all across India. They create opportunities and have some fun and exciting events throughout the year. They had Queer Holi, Delhi International Queer Theater Film Festival, and many more. Every month they organized Harmless Hugs meet and many workshops.

They are working for bringing smiles to Queer lives and connected with many and different NGOs. They discuss homophobia, the toxic environment, and coming out stories. You can know more about them here.

Founder of the Harmless Hugs.


It is a resource center in Bangalore. They fight against sexual harassment, rights for sexual minorities (poor and no English background), and HIV awareness and discrimination. Sangama was founded by Manohar Elavarth in 1999 and they work on educating more people about HIV and giving research material to scholars of LGBTQ issues. 

They keep track of LGBTQ violence around the city and provide legal services to those who are in need. So, you can check out more here. 

The Bi- Collective

As the name says, they are working for bisexual, bi-curious, Pansexual folks from all of Delhi and nearby. Bi- Collective is affiliated with other groups and organizations in India and also internationally. The organization is working day and night to create a safe space for everyone. They love same-sex people or different everyone deserves love and space to talk about their feelings and Bi-collective is doing that!

As well as that they organize meetings and create a safe and open space where you can discuss anything which is respectful and motivates people. So, to know more about them, you can check out here. 

The community is still facing so many problems and un-equality and if we do our bit it can change a lot of things. So, be an ally for the LGBTQ community and treat everyone equally. So, here are some NGOs that are working day and night to create a safe environment for everyone and nobody should be unequal. 


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