Understanding Black Fungus/ Mucormycosis

As covid-19 is rising, black fungus is also rising among the patients whose immune system is weak. Mucormycosis is not a new infection and, it has been for more than a hundred years but, why are we worrying about this right now? We can see the rise of black fungus in Diabetic patients and in those who are infected with the coronavirus.

This fungus is very deadly and, many patients from Delhi Pune Mumbai-Ahmedabad are suffering from this. It is a serious disease and, hundreds of people have died because of it. This fungus has a very high mortality rate. Even if someone doesn’t die from this, they might get blind or deaf permanently.

Understanding Mucormycosis 

In 7th grade, we all have read about Black fungus, but at that time no one really took interest in it. Let’s go to 7th grade and understand this fungus-like teenager. In 7th grade, your science teacher may ask you to grow some bread mold but as a teenager, nobody cares about Bread and mold.

Many of you remember that bread mold grows fastest when it is moist. Well, Mucormycosis belongs to the same family of bread molds. They need circulation and moisture to grow to and, that is my lips and nose is a prime property for the fungus. 

You may also remember that bread mold grows best when smudged with sugar. It goes the same with Mucormycosis.

Source:- Healthline

So people with diabetes should take care of themselves more because the fungus grows very fast. And it affects the Corona patient more because their immunity is, as usual, very low and, then black fungus is just attacking the low immunity.

This is the easiest way of explaining the black fungus, and now let’s find out what are the symptoms of this?


  • Patients have symptoms like bleeding and a stuffy nose.
  • Lots of swelling and pain in the eye or falling of eyelids 
  • Blurred or loss of vision
  • Bloody vomits
  • Black patches around the nose.
  • Difficulty in chewing

What to do?

If anyone is feeling any of these symptoms, the very first thing they need to do is go to the doctor because the fungus grows very fast. The patient needs the antifungal as soon as possible.

Get vaccinated, stay-at-home, wear your mask. We have been listening for more than two years now and, if you still think it’s a joke, please don’t.

Try to maintain good oral hygiene and use distilled water in oxygen concentrators. 

Not to do

Don’t think of any fungus or virus as a joke. Don’t try to be a doctor. We all are reading so many messages about what to do while having any fungus or virus, please don’t believe in anything. Do proper research and go to the doctor.

Don’t take any steroids unsupervised this can lead to severe infection. These steroids are not gems, so take them under the doctor’s supervision. Also, if you have sugar/diabetes, don’t take them at all. 

The most affected one from black fungus is those who have sugar and taken steroids unsupervised. So, don’t try to be a doctor.

India and black fungus

The black fungus is a life-threatening disease and from the last hundred years, many people have died because of this. It affected people who are diabetic, have HIV/ AIDS, or cancer patients. Most cases of black fungus in India because of unsupervised steroids or the patient has sugar and taking care of themselves at home.

Many people realize that it is a serious infection. Sometimes it happened that whenever patients reach the doctor, their condition is so bad that they cannot even operate them. The Government of India has not published any data on black fungus but, they have said that this is not a major outbreak but, according to the experts, the cases are rising day by day. More than 2000 cases have been recorded in Maharashtra and, it is spreading more in coastal areas.

We all can prevent this by just staying at home and following the guidelines. Try not to do things by yourself and get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Stay safe and if you have any doubt, comment down below.

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