Wedding Diaries – The Surprising Shocks By Famous Personalities

Bollywood and Sports fields are widely known for their charm and thrill. No wonder there’s quite a strong connection established between the two. An award show or a birthday party has the highest level’s grandeur in either of these fields. The same goes on with weddings and ceremonies that include personalities from these two fields. 

Let us all be honest, we all do love it when celebrities on our screens invite us over to share their joy with us, even if virtually. The appeal of the pretty gowns and trendy overcoats is something irresistible, isn’t it? You must surely remember the times glued on screens, awing at the more than perfect bride’s dress and the well-toned jawline of the groom. 

There’s a blissful appeal around the words, ‘You’re all heartily invited to join in our celebrations on x date at y time.’ The pleasure of being acquainted with the events and celebrations going on in the stars’ lives as they decide to tie their knots. Talking of weddings, recently we have had a lot of complaints about celebrities. 

The SHOCKING Surprises

Dear Celebrities, 

We completely understand that your chemistry with your partner must be very great and we wish it always stays the same. We hope you always find yourself singing these lines, when with your partner,

Nashe Mein Kadam Mere

Udhar Kabhi Idhar

Gumsum Nazar Jaye Kidhar

Kho Gaye Tujhe Mein Hum Iskadar

Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani”

Magar ek baar aapke fans ka bhi sochlete, Do you realize how any Devdas and Devdasi have arisen by your sudden surprise? These fans have a list of questions, of which some are: Aren’t we too your family?? Even if extended family, we always wish you the best of things. 

How do we innocent loyal fans digest such a drastic change? Suddenly we wake one fine morning to see our favorite person’s marital status changed from Single to Married! At such times we feel these vibes, 

दिल के अरमां आँसुओं में बह गए

हम वफ़ा करके भी तनहा रह गए

दिल के अरमां आँसुओं में बह गए

Here is a list of some actors and actresses who left many hearts in shock announcing the change of their marital status to Married happily – SURPRISE! *Crackers bursting

(Playing the Channa Mereya in the BG)

Yami Gautam Weds Aditya Dhar

Smiling wide, eyes lost in each other’s stares, the couple announced their wedding on the 4th of June by sharing their wedding ceremony pics. The actress Yami Gautam worked for Aditya Dhar’s directed movie URI – The Surgical Strike earlier. 

Being a fan of Yami Gautam myself, I was overpowered by a sudden wave of mixed emotions. My moods varied from nostalgia to happiness, accompanied by a light bit of twinge in the heart. 

My mind wandered aimlessly, as I watched the fan clubs of Mrs. Yami Gautam, showering best wishes to her and the couple’s well-being. I recalled All the infinite number of times when my mood went from lows to highs, as my eyes glistened, watching that curve on Yami’s face in the song, “Nachange Saari Raat”. Every time my eyes fell over those eyes of Yami, I wished the same, which spoke of Love, togetherness, and friendship. 

That night my heart hummed itself to sleep with the lyrics of the song, Pyaar toh tha starring Yami Gautam and Ayushmann Khurrana, 

Pyaar toh tha ab

Pyaar hi hai ab

Pyaar hamesha hi rahega

Tu mera tha tab

Tu mera hai ab

Mera hamesha hi rahega

Virat Kohli Ties Knot With Anushka Sharma

Virushka – The word took the internet to a storm as the couple announced their marriage which occurred in Italy on the 11th of December. Fans were extremely excited as the couple received best wishes for a lifetime of togetherness. After all, aren’t they a Dream Team? Coincidentally, the day was also the 9th anniversary of Anushka Sharma’s movie Rab ne bana di jodi.

However, there was also a pang of one-sided feelings among fans as one of the fans.  even went to ask Ranbir Kapoor why he didn’t sing Channa Mereya. To which he had an awwww response, 

“I felt sad because I had no idea about it but I felt happy because I’ve never seen her so happy and beautiful”

No doubt there would’ve been many females who would’ve felt a little heartbroken. There would’ve been males too, besieged with some dull ache in hearts, but eventually, the wide smiles on the couple’s faces did the trick. Fans from all over the world congratulated the couple. Obviously, the Internet went into a frenzy over the next couple of days. 

That night many hearts must’ve slept humming the song, 

Kaisi hai yeh doori, kaisi majboori

Meine nazron se tujhe choo liya

Oh ho ho Kabhi teri khusboo

Kabhi teri baatein

Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya

Tu hi dil ki hai raunak,

Tu hi janmo ki daulat

Aur kuch na janoo

Bas itna hi janoo

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Yaara mein kya karu

Jasprit Bumrah weds Sanjana Ganeshan 

In a surprise photo of the couple performing the rituals, Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganeshan shared the happiest day of their lives – The wedding day with their fans. There was an air of delight on March the 15th as twitterati erupted with congratulatory tweets. 

Mumbai indians – The IPL franchise for which the bowler plays had a cheeky wish for the couple, 

“Bumrah bowled over by Sanjana”

Surely there was love in the air as the couple have been in joyous mood ever since. Jasprit also celebrated the 1st month anniversary with a post of “ One month of being married with the Best Friend.”  

The couple gave many hearts the hope of love and happiness, as people hummed the lyrics before sleeping, 

Dil kho gaya,

Ho gaya kisi ka,

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Aankhon mein hai khwab sa,

Kisi ka..

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Rishta naya rabba,

Dil chu raha hai,

Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..


As we slide down the world of dreams, each of us must be imagining how our weddings should be, the types of proposals and the person of our lives. Marriage is an act where two souls bond, and many souls around them create bonds of friendship forever. As Fans, we strongly request to you, actors, actresses, sportsperson and inspiring personalities, 

Dear Favorite person,

Please do Invite & Inform us, Or, Give us some hints, Before Marrying your Favorite Person,

Your Forever Fans & Well-Wishers,



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