What is Biodiversity? More about biodiversity day.

What do you mean by biodiversity? It means all the species from humans to microbes. It is the variety of life that is present on earth in every form and all its interactions. This seems a little boring but biodiversity is one of the most vital features of our planet and, without biodiversity, there is no future.

The variety of life on Earth is biodiversity. Biodiversity is very important because humanity is nothing without biodiversity. Every culture has its root in biological diversity in some way. Human and human culture diversity is also a part of biodiversity. The term biocultural describes the evolving dynamic and interconnected nature of place and people.  

Why is biodiversity important?

  1. Any species on earth, no matter how small it plays an important role in boosting up the ecosystem. It boosts ecosystem productivity.
  2. We all know that if we have greater and large species diversity it ensures natural sustainability for all life on earth.
  3. Also, if we have a healthy ecosystem and more diversity it will help us in recovery from a variety of disasters.
  4. It is our responsibility to preserve the relationship between humans and nature.

What are threats to biodiversity?

As humans started dominating the planet, that causes rapid changes in the ecosystem and enormous loss of biodiversity. From the very starting earth has experienced a lot of changes and extensions but today, all these changes are happening at an unprecedented rate. These changes are affecting diversity.

Threats like pollution, climate change, the growing human population and overconsumption of humans, and complex forms of interrelated factors. All of these things are affecting biodiversity at every level that we don’t even understand. 

How can we protect our biodiversity?

 The good news is that everything that humans are doing it is in their hands. We can change our actions to have a sustainable life for every species that is living on this planet.

First, we need to understand the threats to biodiversity and, how they play out in the context we will best prepare to save the conservation. After understanding how much this affects us, we need to take action.

The Habitat which is so much influenced by all of this is rivers and lakes with pollution, dams. Everything we do it’s highly damaging the waters. Pollution, plastic, industrial waste impacts all the living beings that are under lakes, rivers, and oceans. Losing biodiversity is such a great threat even, more than climate change, right now.

 Many people will dislike putting an economic value on diversity but, some things are priceless. Many organizations make people understand the gravity of the situation. Making people understand how all of this will affect us and our Lifestyle will make a lot of impacts. Grow more plants, save water, take care of species around you, are few things.

We all can choose to live a sustainable life with more options like not eating meat. We need to stop killing animals. There is the destruction of wildlife for cattle, palm oil and, farming so, that humans can consume these products every day. But if we choose a more sustainable option, this might help in protecting our biodiversity.

We all can do our bit to protect biodiversity because if we don’t, otherwise everything will be more dangerous. We all are interdependent and, if anything happens to one species it will affect us. If we want a balanced ecosystem, we need to protect our species and, we need to cooperate. 

Biodiversity Day

May 22nd is international biodiversity day. The day is to make people understand diversity and aware everyone, how important it is to us. To make people understand how a sustainable form of living is more than a choice.

The theme of this year is we are part of the solution. This theme serves as a reminder that biodiversity depicts the answer to various sustainable development challenges.

For Indian students 

If you are interested in taking part in any competition, regarding biodiversity, the Maharashtra state biodiversity board will hold a virtual celebration for this International biodiversity day. Many online competitions will be there.

There will be a drawing competition for class 5th to 8th. The theme for that is my mother my Earth. Can submit to

For students of class 9 to 12, the theme is my favorite animal. And submit posters and suitable slogan on:-

Photographs and videos are, on the theme, wild animals in action. The video should not be more than three minutes. You can submit it to:-

The deadline for the submission is on 22 May and the declaration of result in June on:-

So even if we are dominating species, we need to understand that we are the only ones who can preserve the diversity. Just choosing a different lifestyle can change the lot and, this is the only world we had and, we can only protect it. 



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