What is happening in Jerusalem and Gaza?

On Tuesday morning Israeli government Strikes air bombs on the Gaza strip and, it killed 65 people. For weeks now, Palestinian protesters and the Israeli police have disputed daily in or around Jerusalem’s Old City which is home to major religious sites sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The center of the Middle East conflict. This is what is happening in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Jerusalem has seen this fight between Arab and Jews for more than 100 years, and still, it remains the most bitter city in the world.

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These clashes started a month ago when the Israeli move to halt some Palestinian gatherings at the onset of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. That was the time when anyway, everyone was religious sensitive. After those constraints eased, tensions over a plan to dismiss Palestinians from an east Jerusalem neighborhood continued to fuel conflicts.

On Monday, the situation got worse when protestors started throwing stones and police firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Because of this many people were hurt and, even police were injured.

source:- Arab news

Recently, 4 rockets were fire from the Gaza strip to Israel. Before midnight, 2 rockets were launched towards the city of Ashkelon, and they fall in the Gaza strip itself. It harmed Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli military said, one of the first pairs of rockets was stopped by the Iron Dome missile, while the second one landed in an unpopulated, open area. There were no reports of injuries or any damage.

Israel’s step

Israel blocked the fishing zone in the response to this attack. Gaza was sending dozens of balloon-borne incendiary devices throughout the day. This device caused a lot of fire and burned swaths of the southern part of Israel.

Conflicts in Jerusalem, and particularly in Al-Aqsa, often echo across the nation. Al-Aqsa is the 3rd holiest site for Islam. The Western Wall is the holiest place where Jews pray. People are very sensitive towards anything when it comes to their religion. 

As religious sentiments included, this situation become more chaotic. And this is not the first time all violence has been create at this stage. It is going for a very long time and, this is one of the serious issues in the peace process.

All around the world

Everyone is angry and in fear about everything that is happening in the Middle East state. But on social media people, are giving some hope. 

Hashtags like IndiaStandsWithIsrael” and “#IndiaStandsWithPalestine has been trending. Many activists tweeted about the situation and said that they want justice. Everyone is thankful that they are standing with each other during these times. Since the clashes started, more than 500 people have been injured. When everyone is going through so much because of a pandemic, nobody deserves to go through with this. The world needs more peace and, nobody is ok with violence. This is what is happening in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Whatever this is happening, ye thik nhi hai. Nobody deserves so much hate and violence. More peace and love is what everyone needs and deserves. Get more updates on Yebhithikhai!


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