Who Opened the Chamber of Secrets? Was it Harry Potter?

Harry Potter – The Parselmouth

Is Harry Potter The Heir of Salazar Slytherin or Worthy of The Sword of Godric Gryffindor? 

The question puzzled my mind too as I read Harry defeats the Basilisk eventually until the very great Albus Dumbledore explains it in the very end. 

As I read the Title in front of me – Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, I wondered of the Secrets hidden behind the undiscovered entrance of the Chamber of Secrets. However, only the true heir of Salazar Slytherin, a Parselmouth (Speaker of Parseltongue – the language of serpents), is believed could open it. 

Imagine my horror as I recalled back to the instance when Harry had talked to the snake in the zoo. Further, there was believed to be a beast inside the Chamber of Secrets. Whom only a true Heir of Slytherin could control. 

A beast inside Hogwarts and a Hidden Chamber yet undiscovered – How, Where, and Why?

It took a while for me to understand it had been right there all along in the Pipes, credit to the bookworm Hermione. 

Putting all my doubts away, I began reading; comparing with the movie adaptation, obviously!!!

Comparing the Book and the Movie Adaptation (A Potterhead Rant)

The Summer break has ended and it was time for Harry to return back for another year in the Magical world of Hogwarts. Of course, the Dursleys resisted against it, but you know Harry’s favorite family right? – The Weasleys, obviously! They rescued him in their flying car. 

As I began reading the book, chapter by chapter, mumbling about the omitted and dishelved parts in the movie adaptation, Harry has turned 12 years old. His birthday was quite the worst one; he receives a warning letter from the Ministry for underage use of magic. 

While watching the movie, I smirk at the scene where Dobby is dropping cake all over Mrs. Mason, in the sitting room. I wish it happened so in the book as well. It was in fact, the innocent little Harry Potter who gets cover with cake, in the Kitchen. 

O what all I would have given to see Mr. Weasley throw the evil Mr. Malfoy into the bookshelf and give him a good beating. Why do you always omit the best parts, moviemakers? Not to forget the omission of the scene where Harry and Ron eat Sandwiches right in the office of Professor Severus Snape! What a sight that must be, what a sight!

The Omission of Peeves, the notorious ghost from the movie was such a bad move. Just think of all the fun missed, as he would have given a tough competition to Mr. Filch. Nor was there any scene of Nearly Headless Nick’s Death anniversary party; a sad but amusing event.

Harry Potter – The Heir of Salazar Slytherin?

As I came across the cases of Petrified students one after other. There were growing chitchats among students about Harry being the Heir of Slytherin. Even I pondered over the possibility. 

The surprise that Hermione managed to steal something out of Professor Snape’s office! (another good scene omitted from the movie)

However, it felt good to see Hermione destroying the rogue Bludger in the movie, unlike in the book where Fred and George manage to put it back in the box. 

My Thoughtful Comments after Comparison

I believe that having a ghost, Professor Binns, explain about The Chamber of Secrets would have made a better impact in the movie than Professor McGonagall could make. Also, the incompetency of Professor Lockhart is already known to all professors. It could have been a good scene as Professor McGonagall comments about the same, near the rear end of the book.

The key highlight of this book was the cute story of Ginny Weasley and her feelings. The girl was so taken by the boy with the lightning scar – Harry, that she had been writing all about Harry, the whole year in Voldemort’s secret diary. 

The point of whether the Basilisk could hear Harry or smell Harry remains arguable as the book believes in the latter. However, the scene of the sword nearly knocking Harry out in the Chamber of Secrets would have attracted quite a bit of laughter, if it would have been involved in the movie.

Eventually, Everything Ends Well!

As Fawkes – The Phoenix carries the immensely heavy loads of Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Professor Lockhart, Dumbledore in his cabin explains Harry the theory of the strange events. 

This was quite a revelation as I felt my stomach rumble in anticipation, as my eyes went from one line to next. It gradually became clear, word by word. 

Harry is safe from Voldemort’s curse; a few of his qualities, like Parseltongue, urge to break rules, had transferred in him. Since only a Parseltongue could open the Chamber, it was only he, after Voldemort who could do so. It was also the reason, why the Sorting Hat felt Harry suited the Slytherin House. 

Further, to end things on good terms, Hermione comes running over and hugs both Ron and Harry. This, however, takes a twist in the movie adaptation as she hugs only Harry Potter, and uneasily shakes hands with Ron, #IYKYK. 

Not to forget, Hagrid – The Gamekeeper returns back to Hogwarts!

The Bid Adieu!

I already feel Nostalgia creeping in me, as I again picturise Harry getting back to the Dursleys. Would Harry have to be again rescued by the Weasleys the next year? There will be no Flying car this year. However, after all, it is Harry Potter – The Boy who Lived, And Hogwarts is his Home. 

So until I get my hand back on the third Part of the series – Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, fill in yourself all you can. 

The Journey ahead will get interesting, as you encounter enchanting beasts and Adventures like never before.

Be ready to get Bewildered!

Until then, Believe the Magic to Feel the Magic, Dear Muggle!



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