Why Everyone Is Resenting Over Lakshadweep New Law Proposals?

Residents and politicians in Lakshadweep are opposing the policy introduced by Praful Khoda Patel, who is the new administrator appointed by Amit Shah. Lakshadweep Is a Small Archipelago with a population of 64,000 people. It has 10 inhabited islands. It is about 3000km away from the mainland of India.  

The administrator of Lakshadweep is directly appointed by the Union Minister Amit Shah. Congress General Secretary said that normally the retired or Bureaucrats appointed as administrators of any union territory. Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021 is giving more power to the government and taking away the rights of citizens.

Complaints against Patel

  • In February, MP Mohan Delkar (Dadar and Nagar Haveli) committed suicide and in his suicide note, he mentioned Mr. Patel is responsible for his death. Mohan Kelkar’s Son files a complaint on Patel for harassing his father. 
  • Many politicians criticize him. In addition to that, congress leader MP Mohammed Faizal says that the focus should be more on the pandemic not on the prevention of antisocial activity.
  • People also blame Patel for the loss of jobs on the island. More than 300 people are suffering from unemployment now.

 The island is very small and we must preserve its culture but these new policies are doing the opposite of it. What are these new policies? Why is everyone resenting them? Let’s read them briefly.

Land reform Policy in Lakshadweep

 In this Land Reform policy it allows progressive development of land in rural and urban areas; improves and preserves the amenities. However, this proposed law allows a plan which will indicate zones for land that can be identified as national highways, industries, or parks.

The Act 72, of the policy, gives power to the Planning and Development Authority to deport anyone who is found to inhabit the land. Under the final scheme developed under the proposed law. Consequently, there is widespread opposition to the land reform policy

Praful Patel has allegedly given orders to the Planning and Development Authority to widen the roads and destroy houses. Even after knowing that Lakshadweep has a small population and very few vehicles which are mostly 2 wheelers, he has given orders to widen the roads.

Another Policy ruining links of Kerala and Lakshadweep

We know the population of Lakshadweep is very small and most of it comprises Muslims (the Scheduled Tribe). Most citizens there speak the dialect of Malayalam. The island depends on Kerala for Medical facilities to higher education. However, the new law is affecting the links with Kerala. Kavaratti is the capital city of Lakshadweep and comes under the jurisdiction of the Kerala High court.

The letter which was given to the president in Rajya Sabha said that islanders should not rely on the Beypore Port (Kerala) and can go to Mangalore Port (Karnataka) for their purposes. This decision will affect the Beypore and the relation of Kerala and Lakshadweep. 

Kerala’s Chief Minister has said that this is a threatening situation towards life and culture. And said that both the islands are mutually dependent on each other which will destroy the connections.

Beef Ban Policy

The administrator of Lakshadweep has closed down all Dairy farms operated by the Animal Husbandry Department and the law is drafted in the name of animal preservation. Also, the law intends to ban transportation, slaughter, or selling of any beef products.

Also, The local residence has said that Patel has also directed to cut meat from the Menu of Mid-day meal. The majority is Muslim and eats non-vegetarian, which will impact the livelihood of the islanders.

Other concerning laws

  • Some more laws are concerning for the residents like the administrator telling people to destroy the sheds where fishermen keep their equipment and tools. As they are violating the Coast Guard Act.
  • Moreover, these buildings were constructed for the protection of fisherfolks and now the administrator is destroying the building without even giving a warning. 
  • Many workers are expelled from The Department of Welfare and 190 people have been terminated from The Tourism Department and educational institutions also.
  • The administrator is also planning to implement the Goondas Act in Lakshadweep. By this act, they can put anybody in jail just for protesting. 
  • Another law proposes in Lakshadweep is the Panchayat regulation. This is to make those people not eligible to contest in Panchayat elections who have more than two children. However, people are saying that this law is concerning because so many prominent leaders can not take part in the election. Is this really a law of a democratic country.
  • Patel has also decided to lift off the restrictions on the use of alcohol in the Union Territory. Earlier, there was only one bar island of the name Bangaram at a resort, but now Government has given the order to build more bars. All other Islands were dry and travelers could not bring liquor with them. Now, the government has given to construct more bars. This can affect the peace of Lakshadweep.
Source:- NewsLaundry

Covid-19 in Lakshadweep

There was not a single case of covid-19 in 2019 and 2020 but in Patel’s administration, there was a change in the rules and in January 2021 the first case was there on the island. Previously, RT-PCR tests and 14-days Quarantine was the norm. However, in December 2020, the rules changed and according to the new guideline, the passenger just needs the RT-PCR to approve a report which should be negative. Now, Lakshadweep is reporting 6000 cases a day.

What is the Congress (opposing party) saying?

On 25th May, Congress demanded the immediate removal of Praful Patel. They told the press that he is destroying the culture and the peace of the island. Also, said that he is harassing people by imposing arbitrary restrictions.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also tweeted and said that the people of Lakshadweep have her first support and she will always fight for the right to protect their heritage.


These new guidelines are a threat to the indigenous group as it is destroying the traditional form of life and the cultural diversity of Lakshadweep. The Government is hampering the fundamental rights of people. If these come into power it will destroy the peace of the Island.

Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021 gives the administrator the power to remove or relocate any islander from the property for any development projects. This is the issue that mainlanders should know about. People are expressing outrage towards this issue. Furthermore, everyone is telling that the government must protect the culture and for the development not destroy peace and democracy.

However, if you want to do something, speak up and educate yourself. Also, Tweet as much as you can using #SaveLakshadweep, #standwithLakshadweep. You can sign a petition,

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