Will Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Be Banned In India

In the recent news, social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, may be banned from May 26th in India. Wait. what? There are several terms and conditions required for social media companies by the government of India.

So, What.. Are these companies not following the protocols? Let’s find out.

Government Guidelines

There was a three-month deadline given to the social media platform by the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology. This deadline ended on May 25th and none of these companies have responded or accepted the new regulations.

  •  The new rule is that all social media platforms have to appoint a nodal contact person and chief compliance officer and resident grievance officer. Sources have said that social media companies must accept the new rules as a public interface because of complaints and for the need to acknowledge the system for request.
  • The new guidelines emphasize provisions around voluntary verification and a 24-hour time limit for removing content like nudity. The new rule also requires a monthly compliance report by the compliance officer or the nodal contact person who is being appointed by the social media giants.
Source:- MPNRS

Who accepted the guidelines?

Koo which has 6 million users Is the only Social Media company that has accepted to meet all the terms and conditions given by MEITy. Koo is the Indian version of Twitter and reflects the changes according to good new guidelines. 

Facebook has also indicated that they will discuss a few issues with the government. They are working to improve the efficiency and operational processes said the spokesperson of the company.

What’s next?

If these companies fail to follow the rules and regulations, They will be punished accordingly. Under Act 79, sub-section 1, each of these companies may be punished if they will not follow the guidelines.

If these companies will not follow the rules they will lose the protection that they get in the IT Act. And once they do the protection they have to go to court and be prosecuted using the applicable laws.

 These services will continue to work in India until and unless the government decides to move against them. Take action against them for not following the rules, like blocking the services.

 Example:- Last year Turkey also appointed the same sort of terms like a pointing compliance officer that India is also seeking and those companies which did not follow the rules the government banned them. However, this is long-term. Till then, we can enjoy memes!


There are 53 crore WhatsApp users, 41 crore Facebook, and 21 crore Instagram. None of these social media companies want to lose these clients and users.  companies have requested a 6-month Extension and we believe that the government will do it because these platforms are generating a lot of employment and India needs these companies as well.

All of this will not happen in a day. If govt. Will decide to block these platforms we all informed about it. 

 But as far as you are concerned about what will happen next? You will receive a WhatsApp good morning message and, Twitter will continue to flow with tweets. and Instagram would be full of aesthetics. Don’t worry and enjoy scrolling. 


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