HUMAN Pride Month

XYZ Of Pride Month

June is pride month and it’s a hope for the LGBT community to show they are proud and happy for themselves and whatever they are doing to bring change in society. Everyone participates in pride month on their own and celebrates it just like any other festival. Many people don’t like this but we’re not here to please anyone and would do what we love and preach. 

Let’s begin with why we celebrate pride month and how everyone enjoys the month.

Why do we celebrate Pride month?

Let’s go back to June 1989 to Stonewall Inn, it’s a gay bar in New York city’s Greenwich Village. Police raided the bar and began hauling the customers. This raised up the tension and quickly supporters resisted the bar and everyone around started throwing coins and bottles at police officers.  The gay community of New York was fed up with the brutal harassment by authorities and started protesting against it for three days.

This becomes a catalyst for LGBTQ rights and many gay liberations and many organizations were formed after the. Community members met political leaders and interpreted many meetings to tell the leaders to give them the rights they deserve and hold them accountable. After a year of Stonewall, the first Pride Parade took place and the first time in 1978 the LGBTQ flag was recognized. And today here we are celebrating Pride month every year.

Here is the link if you want to know about the History of the LGBTQ community and the rights for which they are fighting. 

How did people celebrate Pride month?

This year because of covid-19 there are no public gatherings and people are not getting out much. People celebrated Pride Month at home. Many activists and influencers from the community came live and did a meeting to make people more aware of certain issues. Issues that need to be addressed. 

Secondly, many people educate other people on topics like sexuality, gender fluidity, and pronouns. They did a live session or posted something about it. To let people know more about this. Many people get involved in different events to know and understand more about the community. And how they can be a great ally. Raising your voice and supporting the community is everything the community wants. 

Thirdly, many organizations organize events online in which different artists from the LGBTQ community come up and perform different art and make people aware of things through their art. Through these events organizations also raise some funds and donate them to NGOs and organizations, who really need support.  

If there would not be restrictions because of coronavirus, there would be a pride parade in which LGBTQ community members and allies take part and March around the city.


We celebrated Pride month in our way. And this does not mean that Pride month is over and we just stop supporting the community. They deserve more love and respect than anyone in this world. And need more people like Bojack Horseman, as he accepted Todd and said that this is great. The Queer community needs more people like this, who accept them as they are! Many companies use pride month for just showing off things and telling that they support the community. But as soon as pride month gets over they are back to normal. Remove the Pride Flag from their profiles. This is the sad side of society.

In the movie, Shubh Mangal Zayda Savdhaan we have seen Ayushmaan playing the character of a gay man. But if that role would be played by queer folk, we believe the movie would be wonderful. By this Bollywood can also show that they support the community. Also, Bollywood we need more queer movies!!

Nobody wants this. Nobody deserves this. The LGBTQ community needs an equal amount of respect and love as anyone. So, keep loving everyone because why hate when you can love!! Also, you can read more about Asexuality and Bisexuality read here.


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