Yoga – The art of fitness, know all about its Fitness Influencers

Yoga is one of the oldest gems of India. It has brought the whole world together by building strong pillars. Yoga means addition of healing and wellness to your body spirit. It adds new energy, strength, and beauty to mind, body, and soul. Today, everybody wants to be seen on social media and get in line with the trends. This behavior increases one’s urge to do somethings and prove themselves, and for supporting them in this influencers come to the radar. They provide the required push and support to aspiring young influencers. So, this World Yoga Day, let’s celebrate the inspiring influencers who are investing their energy and time by boosting your spirits to practice yoga and keep yourself fit. Here, we bring top influencers on Instagram who raises standards and awareness of yoga practice and motivates their followers by news posts every day.

1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi, a yoga instructor, is the director of NidSun Wellness and motivates her 107K followers towards the art of fitness through yogic ways. She loves to try and share new different postures in yoga or diet food dishes like smoothies, pancakes, etc to stay fit. She urges her Insta fam to eat healthy food, has realistic fitness goals, and explains the need to rethink being fit. She pampers her audience with amazing content and new vegan recipes they can learn to stay fit and enjoy the process. 

2. Abhijeet Singh

He brings his touch to traditional yoga by fusing it with Acrobatics and calisthenics to rejuvenate a new modern form of yoga called Acro-Yoga. He is not just a fitness influencer, he also likes mountaineering and adventure photography. His agenda is to prove and inspire his 32.3K followers that yoga is not just about stretching and relaxation, it’s an emotion, it’s about whole-body strength. He motivates his audience to try yoga in their own comfortable space and style, with a simple goal to stay fit.

3. Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta with her Instagram family of 228K followers is moving towards a healthy lifestyle and cultural path. She displays her beautiful yoga skills and blows everyone’s mind with every post on her feed. She is into yoga since yoga helped her recover from a major rock climbing accident in 1997. She has even trained Priyanka Chopra for the movie Don. Her feed contains breathtaking yoga poses which reflects her hard work and zeal towards perfecting her yoga techniques. She has been featured at Ted Talk NYC, Vogue, and Elle for being an outstanding Yogini.

4. Sunaina Rekhi

She is a well-known yoga instructor with a 96.3K following on Instagram. She has represented the art of yoga from India at the United Nations. Being a working mother the journey for her was not that easy and there were many hurdles in her path but she chose to move on and fight for her place not only as a yoga instructor but also as a lifestyle coach. She is a master trainer of the Ashtanga form of Yoga. She has trained many celebrities including Anurag Kashyap and Aditya Gaurav. Her feed is a treat to watch and inspires a lot.

5. Ajay Tokas

He is an Ashtanga-trained yoga practitioner with a 17.8K fan following on Instagram. His journey was started in 2004 and since then he is constantly inspiring people to indulge in yoga to stay fit. His feed expresses his emotions towards yoga in different forms of yoga skills he displays there that showcase his dedication and determination towards his passion for yoga. He feels strength by making people have self-realization of how important it is to move towards a healthy, maintained, and disciplined yogic life for a better life and mental peace. 

Yoga has no limitations and it can be pursued at any age and at any preferable time. These fitness enthusiasts motivate us and help with the right techniques and skills towards staying fit with a healthy lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit their profiles to take a huge turn towards a yogic lifestyle and healthy “ME”. 


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